World Earth Day

Annually on April 22nd Earth Day is celebrated worldwide to appreciate and spread awareness of the unique environment of Earth. The ultimate goal of this worldwide celebration is to make people more actively involved in protecting the environment. Earth day is celebrated with the coordination of Earth day network which comprises of local governments, activists, NGO and several others. This network was created by Denis Hayes and the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. Now it is being celebrated by more than 175 countries. The United Nations, in the year 2009, nominated 22 April as the Earth Day.

 Earth Day


April 22, 1970 was celebrated across United States of America the first Earth Day. Over 20 million people participated in various activities and awareness movements giving an overwhelming response. The success of first Earth Day influenced the government to propagate strong environmental laws in the United States of America.



On March 21st 1971, United Nations Secretary General U Thant announced Earth Day to be celebrated internationally. The United Nations celebrates Earth Day on the day of the equinox, March 20th or 21st. symbolically, a bell rings exactly at the moment of the equinox.



Earth Day Network members discuss issues related to environmental education, national and international policies, and various environmental campaigns and organize local and national earth day events that promote environmental protection. The international Earth Day Network reached almost 19,000 organizations across 192 countries. The domestic program in the United States has around 10,000 groups and 100,000 educators who participate in various community development and environmental protection events all through the year.


On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, the Earth Day Network initiated several measures like concentrating on encouraging green investment and building a green economy, Meeting of mayors worldwide for Global Day of Conversation, Artist of the Earth, a campaign that has the involvement of several art institutes and artists globally for creating environmental awareness among public. EDN was successful in mobilizing 1.5 billion people from 170 countries to promote these programs and events.



Earth Day in 1990 mobilized around 200 million people in 141 countries and stressed the importance of recycling. It paved the way for the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. In contrast to the first Earth Day that was celebrated in 1970, the 20th anniversary marked the usage of impressive marketing tools. People had greater access to radio and television and the importance of Earth Day spread more effectively.



Earth Day for the first time used the Internet platform for organizing the event in 2000. The services offered through internet were very valuable nationally and internationally. The event had enlisted almost 5,000 environmental agencies outside the United States. Millions of people acknowledged the event in around 183 countries. Although it was raining that day, about 400,000 people enthusiastically attended the events of the day.



Cartoonist Ron Cobb created The Earth Day Ecology flag in 1969. It was inspired by the Greek letter theta, an amalgamation of alphabets “E” and “O” which are in Environment and Organism. The flag resembles the United States flag and has thirteen green and white alternating stripes.



“Ode to Joy”, a melody by Ludwig van Beethoven has been the official anthem of the European Union. It is a piece of pure instrumental music without lyrics. Lyrics have been arranged for the Earth Day Anthem to “Ode to Joy”.


Joyful joyful we adore our Earth in all its wonderment

Simple gifts of nature that all join into a paradise

Now we must resolve to protect her

Show her our love throughout all time

With our gentle hand and touch

We make our home a newborn world

Now we must resolve to protect her

Show her our love throughout all time

With our gentle hand and touch

We make our home a newborn world


All the world governments and NGOs working for environmental issues should work together and make our Earth a beautiful place to live in. The current generation has the responsibility of handing over the planet to the future generations in a better shape and if policies are not implemented the future may give a shock to the younger generations.

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