Women have no idea of this men's 'morning secret'. READ HERE!

Women have no idea of this men’s ‘morning secret’. READ HERE!

Unlike girls who can be discreetly turned on, boys just cannot hide it. And to a surprise, even mornings can be hard when they wake up and just got a morning wood.

Oh well, don’t judge easily, for this phenomenon has scientific reasons though none of these reasons are consistently proven. Its medical term is nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT).

Here are some explanations:

1) No Reason At All. Well, while sleeping, your mind is practically at rest, so during REM sleep, the p*nis can do its thing. Actually, a guy can have 5 erections at night with no particular reason. Some can even last at about 25 minutes.

2) Time for Exercise! You see, erection is not easy to tell you. It has to hold blood and sustain during intercourse. So, yeah, it needs some exercise.

3) Morning Hormones. Science says that an average man has a 25%-50% higher testosterone in the morning. This gets reinforced through 5 hours and more sleep. So morning wood is just your p*nis proving this fact.

4) Got Rubbed Against Something. We are all aware that this part of a man’s body is their most sensitive. So when it accidentally rubbed up against something, it is normal for any man to get an erection.

5) Just Horribly Horny. Despite the many excuses, some men are just purely horny. Some are hornier in the morning than at night. This needs no explanation.

6) Reflex Erection. This excuse is purely science. He might just need to pee. Since the bladder is next to the male reproductive system, the urge to pee can stimulate an are in the spinal cord thus causes reflex reaction.

No matter what the explanation might be, know that this is normal. Go forth and multiply!