What is Payroll?


Payroll is a financial record of employees and their salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay and deductions in an organization. Depending upon services the employees contributing to the company the salary payments are issued on monthly basis. Every company will have separate department accountant that will take care of payrolls of all employees in its organization. Based on various aspects the payroll is decided for an employee and payroll structure is different from one employee to other employees.


Payroll Processing

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The major factors that are considered by companies in payrolls are net pay, deductions, increments and bonus. The basic element of payroll is wage type that indeed is of two types’ payments and deductions. In process of accumulating payrolls the aspects like type of wage (deduction or payment), the employee group that fall under wage type selected, if considered wage type is tax based, time period and if wage type opted is transferable to finance are taken into account.


The payroll basic functionalities in process of issuing payments for all employees constitute update data regarding amount processed for salaries, including third party payments if any in that time cycle, remuneration statement and transfer to accounting. With basic data gathered about employees, third parties and remunerations the sum will be calculated to transfer them for further accounting. Upon accurate analysis the payrolls will be generated every single employee and payrolls for everyone in company is transferred to respective accounts in same time.


With the evolution of technology the payroll process is made easier for companies to calculate and generate salaries for thousands of employees accurately. The administration of payroll department having separate employees in its team will process this operation quickly with help of specially allocated software for calculations. These are the factors considered for payroll – basic pay for employee, deductions like tax and leaves, increments like bonus, credits for performance and amount for extra working hours. Taking all this into account payroll generative software is designed and used in organizations.

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