What is Online Theft? How can you Secure your Device Online?

The internet has made the world a much smaller place, and that is unquestionable! Today we can do things over the internet which were inconceivable even 20 years ago. But along with unlimited possibilities, the web has also created a dark underbelly of cybercriminals ready to pounce on any personal information or data and use it for malicious purposes.

There is a massive number of tracking and controlling, and wireless sensing devices which raise the question-How can you keep your online information secure?

An important concept to understand in this realm is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a network of devices that can wirelessly transmit data. These devices can range from pacemakers to agricultural sensors. IoT has become a part of the daily life by being incorporated into items such as refrigerators, cars, and doorbells. These connected devices offer a host of benefits such as accessibility, convenience, and even security.

However, IoT also involves specific risks. Hackers can access your information through cloud-side hacks or device-side hacks. Cloud-side attacks refer to a cyber attack carried out through the cloud or internet. You can prevent such hacks by maintaining strong passwords as well as not disclosing your information to anyone else.

Device-side attacks occur when someone accesses the devices on your network. There is no sure-fire way to prevent such attacks. But in the following section, we present a few simple things that you can do to avoid device-side attacks.

  • Use a powerful anti-virus software: It’s sensible to protect your devices using robust anti-virus software, yet you would be surprised how many people do not have this underlying layer of protection on their devices. An anti-virus protects your device from viruses which is the most common type of malware that attacks devices. For more information visit here.
  • Add another network: Many tech-savvy folks keep their devices safe by using separate networks. A majority of the internet routers available on the market today are capable of connecting to multiple devices. Using different networks for smart devices and say, your home computer, can help in the prevention of identity theft. Your personal information will remain safe even if a hacker accesses your smart devices.
  • Limit access to your devices: If you remember your mom’s advice on not talking to strangers, then applying it to your smart devices is a great idea! You should know who has access to your devices. While this does sound eerily like a spy movie, people who have access to your devices can gather or change your information. Limiting access is advisable if you have concerns regarding the security of your online info.
  • Keep your devices updated: Install regular updates on your devices and keep up on the news on devices that you own and use. Being lax on updating software means that you’ll not only experience bugs, but it can also pose a security threat as developers frequently utilize updates to patch security gaps within the code.

These simple tips can help you keep your smart devices secure and make sure that your personal information remains private. We hope that you found this article useful. Enjoy your devices, but do remember to stay safe!

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