The Exciting World of Ballet Dancing

Ballet, in succinct, is a French classical dance which not only requires grace but also precision. It is not like any usual dance. The steps involved in it as well as the gestures make the dance special. A ballet performer will set forth wafting patterns and there is a creative expression which is the result of synchronized body movements or the sprezzatura. Oxford dictionary describes ballet as theatrical performance which makes extensive use of music, scenery and costumes to narrate a story as well as help in creating an emotional mien which is worth noting. The superior art form, as it is known, has become famous all across the globe and there are several performances held every year.


History of Ballet Dance
What is Ballet Dancing

Ballet dance came into practice in the late 17th century France, during the times of Louis the 14TH when he laid the foundation of Académie Royale de Musique, and which is presently called as Paris Opera. Paris Opera Ballet was the first theatrical company authorized to perform in the Académie Royale de Musique. Owing to its origin, the Ballet has French connotations and extensively makes use of French vocabulary.


With the passage of time, the theatrical ballet started developing as an independent art form, though it still had close connection and resemblance to the Opera. In 1740s, The Royal Danish Ballet and the Imperial Ballet of the Russian Empire started to perform ballet dances in the theaters. Around the middle of the 19th century, there were increased number of ballet performances by the Royal Danish Ballet and the Imperial Ballet of the Russian Empire. This is marked as the time when ballet dance began to gain popularity outside French borders.


The ballet dance performances became prominent in the early 19th century in the theaters and performing art studios of the world.


The Exciting World of Ballet Dancing

Ballet is not Just about dancing and singing on Stage, but it depicts the life of Italian Renaissance courts and the life and times of King Louis. The art performance has evolved over the years. The students of ballet dancing have to maintain fit and flexible body should they want to perform to umpteen perfection. In order to perform the dancing steps to the best of their abilities, the dancers should have balance of mind, commitment and ability to work hard.


The excitement in ballet dancing comes from the fact that dancers are constantly communicating with the audience in a specialized way. The dancers though different steps and movement besides singing tend to create the atmosphere closer and more realistic to the medieval European history.


Why Ballet Has Turned Out to Be Way of Life

Off late, ballet has become a way of life in many societies and cultures across the globe. In fact, the European dance form has seeped into the lifestyle of many cultures and it is also strongly believed and felt that the dance form enhances the lives of many, in plenty of ways. For those who practice ballet, have the firm belief that it has the power to create balance of mind and body and undue awareness of the body. The dance helps in developing a flexible posture besides enhancing social skills. The enhancement of social skills comes from the fact that ballet is a group dancing activity and it involves group performance and coordination.


If you are a viewer of ballet dance performance, you can go through different places, era while seeing the happenings around in those times. All of it will turn out to be entertaining and a complete learning experience.


How to Get Classical Ballet Training

If you are serious about learning ballet, there are several popular ballet schools which you can choose. These schools have trained and experienced ballet dancers who will train you on the advanced technical movements as well as the mechanics involved in it. The schools also conduct ballet related exercises which create communion and a unique consonance between the elegance as well as the health. Classical ballet requires balance of body, flexibility in the posture and of course good health.


There are several online ballet classes which are offered by trained ballet dancers. The lessons are customized and therefore, you can start the training in whichever way you want it. Many websites dedicated to ballet dancing also regularly update the videos of performances which will help you in understanding the movements.

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