What is a White Paper?

White paper is a document used as marketing tool that comprise of two characteristics like educating readers and promoting the services or products of an organization. These papers carry essential information where many readers and clients are liable on them and acquire enough knowledge from them. The white paper presents educative information that publicizes a service and at times few products that firms organize as a solution.


White paper serves the needs of inhabitants which is most evidently used in marketing that support companies as well as common people. This paper documents information regarding a problem that is faced and provide certain motives for solutions to solve the hitch and due to this reason, it is said that it educates the readers. There are different definition of white paper and the one among them is “A white paper is a persuasive essay sponsored as a piece of marketing content by an organization”. These papers are made available on internet as most of the customers fetch information through web. In some cases these papers are used for viable purposes that persuade reader’s decision upon existing issues.


Writing a White Paper

There are various steps to write a white paper and are they are the following:

  • Introduction
  • Exhibit the problem
  • Specify other associated problems
  • Offer accessible resolutions
  • recommend your solution


Introduction is an initial phase in writing white paper that originates the topic chosen for document. This part of paper will enable readers to know the aspects involved in entire content. General overview related to topic, problem with that issue and provided solutions will be briefed out for understanding purpose. This complete section can last more than a page.


Next phase is exhibiting the problem; here major cause for selecting the issue will be focused. That is problem behind the topic and its consequences will be explained in this context. In parallel the palpable information that ropes the existence of problem will be discussed and this information will guide readers about present scenarios of issue clearly. This session should be capable enough to provide better understanding for readers making them clear with the problem.


Following phase after problem discussion will describe some more concerns related to the issue. This part of paper will allow readers to analyze other underlying difficulties apart from major problem that strengthens the value for making this document. These additional problems are introduced here as they are addressed for the same solution that this paper presents. It is to be noticed that common people or customers facing other difficulties with regard to same issue has to be provoked here.


The very next phase is to discuss basic solution or more if any. This section while giving solutions will educate the readers as well. Hence, it is important that document writer should not influence the explanations given in paper with their own opinions. Necessarily the solution considered by reader should be elucidated including the benefits pertained by solution. Most of the cases benefits of solution are concentrated rather exploiting its features as, it can better convince the reader to agree with resolution.


Final phase is to recommend the solution specified among many in above part of paper. As the reader is convinced with paper presenting problem and solutions, writer can suggest the best solution from various resolutions represented. If the white paper is exploring any service or product of a company then besides its solution, this part should include reasons why customers have to buy from this company only. At last specify the details of a company that wants to sale its product or services and which is represented as solution in this document.

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