What is a Resort?

A resort is a place where families intend to spend their holidays or weekends for relaxation or recreation. Usually resorts are commercial establishments like hotels which are managed by companies. People in urban areas are especially busy all through the week and look for ways to refresh and rejuvenate themselves. Resorts are the perfect place for such people who can happily spend time with their families and also getaway places for birthday parties and theme parties. They are usually located away from the hustle bustle of cities and towns. People can go for long drives and reach the resort which is generally self-contained.


Structure of a resort

What is a Resort?Resorts are generally interwoven with natural surroundings without disturbing the serene environment. Unlike hotels, resorts are spread over large areas. They provide comfortable privacy to the families very similar to their own houses in the form of individual residencies. Each residential unit contains an individual lobby area, a drawing room, dining space and a fully equipped kitchen besides spacious bedrooms. Depending on the local climate resorts provide fire place to keep the house warm. A family can indulge in leisure cooking away from home in a new modern set up. A resort attempts to provide all the facilities like entertainment, sports and shopping at one place. Some resorts have the provision to hold official meetings as well. In case of urban surroundings, resorts are provided with spacious areas with parks, swimming pools, gardens and play areas for children and adults.


What are the types of resorts

Resorts can be categorized as per their location

Seaside resorts

Seaside resorts are developed along the sea cost. These are generally located at placed where sea is shallow and amenable to sea sports. Normally sea resorts boast private beaches and with facilities like sunbathing and an impromptu food and beverages countryside counters. Such resorts will have visitors throughout the year.


Ski resorts

In North America and Europe, ski resorts are situated in villages and towns which are closer to skiing areas. These resorts provide all equipment required for skiing on rent. Skiing lessons are also taught for beginners and new comers.


Hill resorts

If the resort is situated in hilly tourist places, they can be termed as hill resorts. Facilities for adventure sports like paragliding, parachuting, are provided by most of the resorts. Hill resorts are away from cities and people usually visit these resorts for recreation and therapeutic purposes. Health spas are attached to some of the resorts. In such places spa treatments of all sorts are provided for the benefit of the customers. Health spas offer packages to attract visitors all through the year.


Spa resorts

In spa resorts the main focus will be on the spa facilities at the resort. Different health packages are offered for the benefit of the customers. Physical fitness programs related to yoga, aerobics and gymnasium are provided at the spa resorts. For relaxation, several massage therapies are also included in the package. Spa resorts offer relaxation and rejuvenation at the same place. More and more people are being attracted to spa resorts because of their health benefits.


Weekend getaways

In urban areas, people look forward for spending time with their families during weekends and vacations. Such resorts are situated closer to cities at around a couple of hours drive from the city. These resorts provide recreational facilities like different types of water sports, horse riding, outdoor games like tennis, cricket and foot ball and also facilities for indoor games like badminton, chess and other games. Children can spend time in separate play areas specially erected for them. Added facilities like shopping will be more attractive to visitors.


Several companies for the benefit of their employees reserve weekend resorts. These resorts offer the right ambience and encourage the employees to participate in several group activities and events. This kind of mingling among the employees brings in close association among themselves and in turn improves the relations in offices.


In order to attract prospective customers, resorts of all sorts have to provide excellent facilities at affordable rates. If a resort establishes its name in the industry, there will be continuous flow of visitors that particular resort. Continuous efforts by the management of the resorts to upgrade themselves will yield positive results. Resort owners usually offer attractive packages during holiday season to impress prospective customers.


Nowadays several resorts offer membership programs to encourage customers to visit and avail extra benefits.

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