Foods That Will Give You A Great Skin

Foods for Glowing SkinA flawless glowing skin enhances a person’s personality and looks.  Despite the cover-ups in the form of external beauty therapies and beauty products, flawless glowing skin needs a lot of nourishing and pampering from within.  Apart from a healthy lifestyle, adequate rest and exercise, a well balanced diet too plays a very important role in attaining a gorgeous looking skin.  Certain foods are skin friendly providing the required nutrients, a few of which are given below.


Healthy Foods for Glowing skin

Vitamin K Enriched Foods for Glowing Skin

Appearance of dark circles under the eyes is primarily due to leaky capillaries beneath the skin surface that makes the delicate under eye skin appear darker. This gives an overall lacklustre appearance to the skin making it look lifeless.  However, according to scientific analysis, Foods enriched with vitamin K such as pears, raspberry, blueberry, mulberry, prunes, cabbage, cucumber, brown rice cheese, liver, eggs and milk minimize dark under eye circles making the skin glow. These vital skin vitamins are especially beneficial for people suffering from sun damage, rosacea and precancerous lacerations.

 Healthy Food

Leafy Green Vegetables for Glowing Skin

Leafy green vegetables that include spinach, lettuce, Swiss chard turnip greens, collard, kale and broccoli consist of vitamin A in abundance. Therefore including them as part of a daily diet provides the essential skin enhancing nutrients and antioxidants that help relieve dry itchy skin. As per a study carried out by the National Institute of Medicine leafy green veggies also helps get rid of skin disorders such as lichen planus pigmentosus , a pigment disorder, ichthyosis, a non inflammatory condition with excessive scaling of skin, sunburns, wounds, burns, cold sores, psoriasis, eczema and acne. What’s more, these leaves are loaded with zinc that helps produce collagen and relieve iron deficiency, which is one of the major factors for dull lifeless looking skin.


Omega3 Fatty Acids for Glowing Skin

Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids provide the essential natural oils required for a smooth glowing skin.  Foods like salmon, herring and trout contains n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) that protect skin from inflammation, discolouration, acne and dryness. This is mainly because of the fact that fatty acids keeps skin hydrated and moisturised preventing skin dryness, itching and scaling.  Besides these, these substances prevent formation of wrinkles and photo ageing by inhibiting the build-up of prostaglandin molecules that produce inflammation.


Water Based Fruits and Veggies for Glowing Skin

Water- based  fruits and veggies that include broccoli lettuce grapefruit and watermelon loaded with fibre and essential antioxidant elements keeps our skin well moisturised protecting from dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. The topmost skin layer with moisture is the main source of skin suppleness and smoothness as it helps keep the skin elastic. [Also read: Fruits for Glowing Skin]

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Vitamin C Enriched Foods for Glowing Skin

One of the most important vitamins for skin care is vitamin C enriched fruits and veggies that help combat free radicals, the harbinger of premature ageing, skin sagging, and wrinkles.  These prevent sun damage; keep skin firm and elastic besides eliminating dark brown spots and blotchy skin.  What’s more, this essential vitamin helps stimulate collagen production, keeping the skin soft, smooth and looking young.

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