What Foods are Good for Hair Growth?

Long HairWe all dread from any loss to our hair. Our heart does skip a beat when we see a strand of our tresses floating at the bottom while we take our shower! We try to make over the hair loss by opting different hair styling techniques but nothing seems to work. “You are what you eat”; this saying does come true for our hair as well. A healthy food in the diet not only stimulates hair growth but also improves on one’s looks!


Let us learn on the few facts on hair growth & hair loss, & the various foods that nourish our scalp and stimulates hair growth.

Some Facts on Hair Growth & Hair Loss:

The follicles on the scalp promote hair growth. There are about 3, 50,000 hair follicles in a human scalp. The hair follicles contribute to the growth for three years, rest for three months and finally shed the old hair and give rise to the new hair. This is a normal hair cycle and is subject to each individual’s hair growth pattern. Hair loss is prevalent in both, men and women. There is a normal hair loss due to brushing, shampooing etc. which gets restored with new hair over a period of time. However when hair losses are higher than they are produced it results in receding hairline. Some factors which contribute to such hair losses include:

  • Age
  • Stress
  • Improper diet
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal factors


List of Foods that Promotes Hair Growth:

A healthy food intake in our daily diet can very well prevent/ control hair loss and promote hair growth.

Foods for Hair Growth

Foods for Hair Growth

Omega 3 fatty acids for Hair Growth: Excellent for both brain and hair, this nutritional supplement is available in foods such as Salmon, Flaxseeds, sprouts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds,  avocado, canola oil, fish, soya.


Protein for Hair Growth: Our hair is made of protein and the protein rich foods are best food for hair growth. Consider including cottage cheese, eggs, yogurt, tofu, fish, beans & lentils, in your diet.


Zinc for Hair Growth: It regulates hormones including testosterone in the body and promotes hair growth. The foods that have high zinc content are: roast beef, chick peas, wheat germ, oyster fish, scallops and shrimp.


Iron for Hair Growth: Contributes to building hemoglobin in our body, leading to better oxygen and better blood flow to whole body including scalp. The iron rich foods for hair growth are: Raisins, dark leafy vegetables, oysters, red meat, beans, whole grains, mussel, dates etc.


Sulfur and Zinc for Hair Growth: To grow your tresses long include sulfur rich foods such as: onions, eggs, cabbage, garlic, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, Kale, fish, nuts, and legumes.


Vitamins and minerals for Hair GrowthPotatoes, when eaten with skin, form an excellent source for all vitamins & minerals essential for our body and hair growth.

– Walnut forms a best source that protects the hair from harmful rays of the sun besides making the hair look rich and lustrous.

– Low fat dairy products have calcium which in turn helps in hair growth. These items include skim milk, low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt


Drinking Plenty of Water for Hair Growth: Water intake keeps our body hydrated and removes the toxins from our body and thus keeps the hair and skin healthy.



Restrain from excessive consumption of following foods in our daily intake as they cause damage to our hair:

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So next time you see a hair loss, don’t fret; simply eat!

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