What are the benefits of green tea?

Green tea is prepared from the leaves of ‘camellia sinensis’. These leaves undergo only minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea can be termed as an elixir given by Chinese to the rest of the world. It has been in use in China for almost 4000 years. Owing to its health benefits, the goodness of green tea has spread to many countries worldwide.


Green Tea

A cup of green tea (Image source: sxc.hu)

Tea has been consumed in China and other neighboring countries like Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand from thousand years and green tea is used in traditional medicine in all these countries. Several studies and research for the past many years have proven that consumption of green tea is extremely beneficial for health. 


The reason why green tea stands tall among other teas though it comes from the same leaf is, the way it is processed. Steaming technique is used for processing green tea leaves and this helps in the preservation of the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) compound. In other teas this compound gets changed as the tea leaves are fermented and then processed.



Green Tea as Powerful Antioxidants

Green tea is so very healthy because of its ingredients. Catechin polyphenols especially epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG is rich in antioxidants. It hinders the growth of cancer cells and also destroys the cancer cells without harming the healthier ones. LDL Cholesterol levels reduce considerably and abnormal blood clotting is inhibited by consuming green tea.



Few studies have suggested that at least two cups consumption of green tea will hinder the growth of cancer cells. In another study it was found in breast cancer patients that after they have increased the consumption of green tea before and after surgery, there was lower recurrence of the cancer. Several other studies in China have revealed that in persons who drank green tea regularly, the chances of developing cancers like stomach cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer are very less.


Green Tea for Heart Health

A study in which 500 Japanese men and women participated showed that consuming four cups of green tea daily will reduce the severity of heart diseases especially among the men.


In a Dutch research around 3000 men and women who drank green tea regularly were studied and it was found that the blockage of heart blood vessels has reduced.


Green tea has antioxidants that function as dilators. Flexibility of the blood vessels improves thereby the chances for blockage will come down. But doctors say that consumption of only green tea does not yield good results. It has to be combined with proper diet and exercise as well.


Green Tea for Weight loss

Another great benefit of green tea is its weight control properties. In Japan a study was conducted and 240 men and women participated. They were given different quantities of green tea every day and after three months the results showed that persons who consumed larger quantities of green tea lost weight and also showed optimum levels of LDL cholesterol and blood pressure.


Green tea burns more calories in a process known as ‘Thermogenesis”. It acts on fat cells in the body and the person tends to burn more calories for the same work. Green tea in combination with proper diet and exercise will yield good results in weight loss.

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Green Tea for Skin

Because of its antioxidant properties green tea proves its efficiency on skin as well. It aids the skin to retain it suppleness and elasticity. There may be delay in the appearance of wrinkles. Owing to its anti aging properties green tea is used in many cosmetic products. [Read more: Benefits of Green Tea for Skin]


Green Tea for Hair

Hair loss will be because of several reasons like hormonal imbalance, infections, genetic causes, stress and anxiety. There are two other reason like DTH and poor blood circulation. DTH is dihydrotestosterone which is the main cause for hair loss. Some studies showed that green tea inhibits the growth DTH thus helping in hair growth. Green tea is also known to improve blood circulation. Its anti-inflammatory property promotes hair growth.


Green Tea to Improve Immunity

Green tea improves the immunity levels in a person. If a person is immune to diseases the chances of falling sick will come down and the person can lead a healthy life style.


More research is being done to know more about the benefits of green tea.

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