What are the different types of musical instruments?

There are a vast range of musical instruments that you may know of and there are various ways to play those instruments. The instruments are good for the music that they create for you but each one has got different way of playing them and there are different modes through which they can be played. Some of the ones that were used in past are no more being used now and there are more and more instruments coming up each day that are better in technology. The touch and style instruments that are operated with electric are getting more and more popular all over the world.


String instruments need to be plucked, struck or bowed


Violin (Image source: sxc.hu)

The string instruments are used to produce sound with the help of vibration. The strings are to be pulled or plucked. The mode of use to create the vibration makes the difference in different string instruments. The striking of the strings can be done with the use of something like a hammer. The string instruments that are to be striked to produce sound are the piano or the clavichord. The bowed strings are the ones from a violin. The plucking of the instruments is done with the help of a plectrum and some instruments are plucked with the use of fingers only. The guitar, lute, sitar, banjo and mandolin are instruments that are played with the fingers plucking he chords.


Wind instruments that can be blowed with air for vibration

The instrument that uses air to bring out musical sound has got a pipe or a tube to blow in the air. The mouthpiece is there to blow in wind or air and then the music comes out from the other end. You need to position your mouth and lips properly on the mouthpiece to produce proper sound. Sound’s pitch can be changed by the position and blowing in of air at different volume. Air chamber in the instruments is related to the size of the instrument and this again gives the base of the music produced by the instruments.


Wind instruments that are played with the blowing in of breath


Flute (Image source: sxc.hu)

The larger will be the size of the chamber the lower will be the pitch of the instrument. There are holes cut into the tubes of the instruments to change the pitch of the sound produced. The wind instruments are again of two types and they are the wood wind instruments and the brass wind instruments. The woodwinds are often played with the blowing in of breathe and keys pressed to change the flow of the air in the chamber to change pitch. The flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon are such instruments and uses reed that vibrates to produce sound.


Wind instruments that are played with the valves to control air


Trumpet (Image source: sxc.hu)

There are instruments that use wind to produce and you will have to blow wind into the instrument. These types of instruments are created on the principle of valves that covers the holes of the instrument instead of your fingers. They have cone shaped tubes and a bell that is flared. The tube is easy to hold for it being in a shape of a coil. The brass instruments give out sound through a metal tube and they vary in size in different instruments. Some of the instruments are the French Horns, trumpets, bugles and trombones.


Keyboards are instruments that produce sound by striking or plucking the strings

The other type of instrument that gives music is the keyboard instrument. The keyboards are available in different types and one is the percussive like the piano. There is another type that can be plucked and played. The strings are plucked or striked to give you the sound. The Organs that are more like the wind instruments can use the keys and are often called the keyboard instruments. The musicians find the vibration that is controlled with different key press and then when they can control the instruments, they are able to produce the desired sound.


Keys that can give out sound for concerts ad symphonies


There are different ways in which the sound is produced. The Harpsichords and spinets can be played by plucking the strings by using a bird quill. The Clavichords are used by hitting the strings from underneath with a small metal piece. This is called a tangent. The Pianofortes are played by the hammers which are sealed in leather or felt. There are various types of instrumental music that one can learn using these instruments and you will see these instruments are mostly being used in symphonies, concerts and orchestras. The instruments can be learned by any one from different age and then continue with it if he or she loves it.


The music that is produced from these instruments can reach out to the souls of the different people who may not have much ideas of instrumental music. You can find that music is the best healer and whatever happens to your mood, a good musician can always change the mood that you are in and transfer you to another refreshed world by the help of music that is produced by the string instruments, wind instruments or the keyboards that are played at different time by players.

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