Weight Loss in a Tea Cup: Green Tea for Losing Weight

All of us wish to look and feel good. Looking good also means shedding a considerable amount of weight, as voluptuous curves are passé. Although the weight shedding process might seem a nerve-racking exercise, it need not be so, as there is a healthy option available, which does not take up much of your time and your hard-earned money. Here is how…by drinking a cup of Green tea!

Green tea for weight loss

Green Tea for Weight Loss (Image via: sxc.hu)

Weight Loss and Green Tea

Green tea, besides offering a series of health benefits also helps combat body flab. According to several surveys, consuming Green tea for three months facilitates a marked reduction in body fat. Hence, it is a very popular ingredient in the manufacturing of dietary supplements and slimming pills. Green Tea does not provide overnight results. However, without compromising on health, it proves effective and produces excellent results.


Body Metabolism and Green Tea

Majority of the teas contain plant-based polyphenol substances, offering powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial and anticancer benefits. However, Green Tea, containing elevated amounts of active polyphenols in the form of apigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) offering a number of anti-inflammatory benefits also influences body metabolism, thus accelerating the weight loss process.  Furthermore, EGCG in conjunction with the caffeine content present in green tea, through a process called thermo genesis, effectively transport fat into the blood stream via the central nervous system, helping to store body fat for energy conversion.  This procedure however requires extra energy for eliminating body fluids and fats.


Fat Reduction and Green Tea

Triglyceride compounds play a crucial role in providing energy and for effective functioning of the body. The synthesis of Triglycerides occur in the liver and small intestines, with the entry of fat and sugar into the body. With synthesis, there occurs a transmission of triglyceride compound passing to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. Nevertheless, there are possibilities of obesity incidence with excess triglyceride levels in the body. Nonetheless, containing polyphenols in elevated quantities, green tea by encouraging a unique enzyme, influence the body to lose weight by eliminating triglycerides and burning unwanted calories. Thus, green tea enacts the role of an appetite suppressant thereby effecting weight loss naturally.


Green Tea and Stamina

JoggingOne of the most successful ways to lose weight is to burn those excess calories by means of exercise. Besides contributing to muscle build-up, exercise also increases energy thereby improving metabolic functioning of the body. The body utilizes carbohydrates gradually, due to the presence of polyphenols called catechins in green tea. This enables slow absorption of carbohydrates, resulting in increased stamina facilitating breakdown of body fats through effective utilization of fatty acids by the liver.


Green Tea and Feel Good Factor

Green tea contains theanine, an amino acid that contributes towards weight loss.  This happens since thiamine induces a feeling of mental calmness, through activation of brain chemicals called dopamine that normally imparts a feel-good-factor curbing the tendency to stress-related overeating. In addition to this, thiamine also reduces the effect of caffeine, and unlike the normal effects of caffeine does not cause palpitations.


Energy Boost

Despite the fact that green tea helps in weight loss, miracles, do not happen overnight.  Therefore combining Green tea intake along with a well-planned exercise regimen and a balanced diet proves useful and provides positive result.

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