Watch: production of fake pepsi cola caught on camera

Nowadays, people are not safe with all the fake products in the world. There are fake beauty products, fake rice, as well as fake meat, face bags and fake shoes. Despite of all of these types of fake products, people still tend to continue of purchasing these. Even it is not actually your intention; you are still end up becoming the victims of the producers of these.

There is news that has been reported in Baghdad, Iraq about the fake Pepsi. And this is how they actually done it:

1. Used Pepsi bottles have been bought and gather all together.

2. The factory hires kids in order to throw the excess content away, as well as cleaning the bottles.

3. After doing so, the bottles are then put in crates in preparation for refilling.

4. Under pressure gas is then places inside the bottles before they are being sealed.

5. The bottles are then refilled with the fake beverages.

6. Used crowns are also utilized in order to seal the products.

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