WARNING: Do not Reheat These 7 Foods Because They Might Kill You!

Technology undeniably made our lives easier. Aside from getting things done for us, it also saves our time. For one, the microwave has become one of the most important inventions. It can bake, and reheat food in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

However, there are dangers when using a microwave on some types of food. Here is the list:

It contains nitrates which transform into nitrites when warmed. Nitrites are highly carcinogenic and can cause cancer in the long run. So better eat spinach directly after preparation.

2) Celery
Like spinach, it also contains nitrates which transforms into carcinogenic nitrites when warmed. Make sure to remove them in soups before heating.

3) Beets
Like the other two, beets also contains nitrates. When warmed, all of its health benefits turn into carcinogenic ones.

4) Potato
Potato is known for its many health benefits. However, when they get warmed in a microwave, potatoes lost all of its dietary quality and can become dangerous to your health.

5) Eggs
Fried eggs and boiled eggs can be lethal when subjected to high temperatures.

6) Chicken
Reheating chicken the next day after preparation can cause its protein structure to change which can be exceptionally dangerous to your digestive system. If you need them reheated, make sure to do it in low temperatures in a short period.

7) Mushroom
For some reason, reheating mushrooms can upset your stomach and heart issues. Make sure to remove them before reheating your dishes.

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