Want a baby boy in your next pregnancy? Then you have to try these!

A mother conceiving her child is one of the most genuine type of happiness that a woman or both parents could ever experience. Having a child is definitely fulfilling for those who are aspiring to build their own ideal family. The gender of the child shouldn’t really matter. Especially for first time parents since all they aim is to have their own child. But for those who had consecutively had children, especially if they are all girls, the parents would normally wish for a baby boy in their next attempt. Below are proven and tested tips for you and your other half to try if you really want to conceive a baby boy in your next pregnancy.

Make love in the day. During the day, the nature of the female reproductive system is much morr acidic. So when the sperm travels, sperm that carry the Y-Chromosome (the chromosome needed for a baby boy) is much more likely to survive. Thus, increasing your chances of shooting in a baby boy for pregnancy.

Use of Chinese Calendars. The Chinese give importance to baby boys a lot. Like a lot. They even made a calendar by which the gender of the baby can be predicted. They say the probability is within 99 percentage. None has really claimed it isn’t true.

Diet plan. Both partners should consume food that are highly alkaline. This includes vegetables of any kind, red meat, food thay are quite high in sodium, raisins, fish etc. These food will help the environment by which the baby will develop, to be favorable if the gender is male.

Avoid food high in acidity. The vagina is already naturally acidic. Eating more acidic food will contribute and might lower your chance of conceiving a baby at all.

Never skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping so would lower the chances of conceiving a baby boy since baby boys actually require more energy once conceived.

Going in deep. Doing your make love session, make sure to get or to get your husband in deep. This increases the amount of sperm that will travel towards the egg thus increasing your probability of having a baby boy.

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