Say Hello to Gram Flour (Besan) For a Flawless Glowing Skin

When it comes to skincare, there is nothing to beat grandma’s good old remedy of using gram flour/chickpea flour/besan. So, here are some of the few wonderful things gram flour can do to keep skin looking fresh and radiant.

Gram Flour for Skin

Gram Flour for Skin

Gram Flour Remedy for Dry Skin

Dry skin requires regular care to keep skin hydrated and moisturized. However, this becomes a simple task keeping gram flour handy and mixing it with olive oil. Massaging the skin with this paste regularly for over a week proves useful. Another alternative is to make a face pack in the form of paste by mixing gram flour with milk, honey and a pinch of turmeric. Combine and dab this paste on the face and wash after twenty minutes to keep the skin hydrated.


Gram Flour to Combat Oily Skin

Gram flour helps absorb the excess greasiness by controlling oil secretion on the face.  Therefore, applying a face pack consisting of gram flour and rose water or substituting Rose water with raw milk or yogurt also helps. [More home remedies for oily skin]


Gram Flour for Acne Prone Skin

To combat acne applying a facemask comprising of gram flour, sandalwood powder and milk and rinsed with cold water when dry works wonders.  Another simple option is to make a pack with gram flour and sandalwood powder along with honey, turmeric and rosewater proves effective.


Gram Flour for a Blemish-Free Skin

Gram flour helps a great deal to eliminate skin imperfections.  For good results, apply a paste containing gram flour with cucumber juice or milk and wash the paste off when dry.  For skin affected with pimples, spreading a paste of curd and gram flour keeps the skin free of pimple marks and other blemishes.


Gram Flour to Wipe out Suntan

The skin acquires a tan because of frequent exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.  To resolve the problem smearing a combo of gram flour, yoghurt and tomato juice on the tanned areas and washing about half an hour later gives excellent results.  Instead of using tomato juice including just a pinch of turmeric helps restore normal skin tone.  Beside, a mixture comprising of gram flour, lemon juice, rosewater with a dash of turmeric also clears the skin of tanned blotches. [More home remedies for suntan]


Gram Flour for Darkened Areas

Most individuals due to various factors develop darkened areas of skin in elbows, knees, neck and underarms.  Nonetheless, make these patches vanish by massaging a mixture of gram flour, lemon juice and yogurt before a final rinse after twenty minutes.  Follow this with a nice relaxing sesame oil massage on the affected areas to keep skin supple and soft.


Gram Flour to Enhance Skin Tone

Gram flour is a time tested remedy for enhancing skin tone.  Using an effective blend of gram flour and lemon juice regularly and washing with cold milk after half an hour makes a visible difference to the skin tone.


Gram Flour Keeps Skin Radiant 

Last but not the least, besides offering the above benefits, gram flour keeps skin radiantly glowing and smooth.  To achieve this effect combine gram flour with either limejuice or creamy milk and apply the mixture on the face.  Wash after half an hour in cold water.  Follow this method for long lasting skin freshness and radiance and see the admiring glances coming your way!

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