Miraculous Egg White for Flawless Hair

“An egg a day will keep hair problems away”. This is the new mantra that you should follow not only where including egg in the diet is concerned but also when it comes to using the egg white for good hair health. If you want to extract the innumerable advantages of egg white for the hair, then prepare yourself for its application on the hair strands at least twice a week.


Egg White for Hair

Egg White for Hair (Image source: sxc.hu)

The good news is that there are a list of uses and benefits of this natural and miraculous product that you get in your bag where hair is concerned. Egg is full of proteins and a direct relation can be made with hair solely because the latter is completely made from protein too. From ancient times, people are using different home and natural cures to get through their goals in a safe, simple and affordable manner. The same is applicable to eggs because it leaves no side effects that you need to worry about.


Are You Suffering From Hair Problems Too?

Home Remedies for Dry HairHair problems are quite a common and prevalent nowadays. With the increasing external factors like pollution, harmful rays of the sun, unhealthy eating habits, stress and mental pressures, unhygienic ways of lifestyle and even avoidance of hair care you might be just one of the millions who are going through a hair crisis. Terms like hair fall, hair breakage, hair loss, balding and hair thinning are now dominating the lives of not only men but also for the fairer sex irrespective of their age.  This makes it all the more significant to look for home remedies that are inexpensive and highly effectual for getting back good hair health.


Efficient Uses and Benefits of Egg White for Hair
Looking for Hair Nourishment?

Egg & Yogurt on HairFor deep conditioning and nourishment for the hair strands there is nothing better than using egg white to your benefit. All you need to do is take an egg white and whisk it thoroughly with organic and unsweetened yogurt. A teaspoon of almond oil or olive oil can also be added to this mix and applied on the hair strands evenly. Leave this for the next 45 minutes before rinsing it off. You will find soft and moisturized hair as an instant result! It will also save you from the expensive and useless hair conditioners available in the market that are full of chemicals.


Add Volume and Shine to Your Hair

Looking for an easy way to get back that lost shine? Having troubles like hair thinning and wants that attractive volume and bounce back? Here we are with egg white use for perfect volume and luster for the hair but only in a case where you use it regularly.


Egg and lemon are the two main ingredients needed for achieving this goal successfully. An egg and juice of one lemon should be mixed into a smooth paste and applied on the hair for the next 30 minutes. Follow it with your regular shampoo rinse. Along with volume in the hair locks, you also get a sheen and softness as extra benefits.


Treat Dryness Instantly with Egg White!

In the list of benefits of egg white for hair, missing out treatment of dryness is just not possible. Mixing the egg white with a cup of good quality skimmed milk and rubbing it gently on the hair strands and the scalp is one the right ways to get rid of dryness. This should be done for the next 30 minutes and then shampooed as usual.


Flush Oiliness from Hair with Egg White Mask

On the other side of the coin, along with treatment of dryness, egg white can also help in blotting out the oiliness from the hair strands by applying it individually. All you need to do is whisk the egg white smoothly and then apply it on the hair for about 30 minutes before rinsing it off with a good shampoo. This will give you ideal outcomes in this situation.


Speed Up the Hair GrowthHealthy Hair

Egg is one of the best natural products that have high levels of protein. Hair on the other hand is made of protein. Using egg white with yogurt on the hair at least once every week will definitely trigger the hair growth to quite an extent. So if you are looking towards longer hair in a couple of weeks’ time, then this is the right way to go! Know some more home remedies for hair growth

Strengthens the Hair Follicles

Are you having issues of hair fall and hair breakage? Using egg white to the hair on a routine basis will help in strengthening the follicles of the hair and treat this crisis in a few months. This is one of the major benefits associated with egg white that you would love to dwell on.


Lighter Hair with Egg White

To make the hair lighter and free from dirt, toxins and unwanted oil, use an egg white mask once a week. Lighter hair will have better bounce and looks beautiful and mesmerizing.


Use it as a Natural Cleanser

Looking for a deep cleanser for hair that usually your shampoo is unable to do? Make use of egg white for this purpose and see how well you get the results with only one or two usages.


Some Considerations to Make:

     Do not use hot or warm water to rinse the egg white from the hair. This can cook the egg instantly and make it hard. It will be really difficult for you to rinse it completely from the hair as an after effect.


     Avoid all kinds of contact with the eyes, nose and mouth. Egg white is known to have bacteria in them that can lead to infection. Also, make sure you wash your hands properly after using it for the hair treatment.


–     For manageable hair and for getting the results you desire, use the egg white remedy at least once a month for ideal benefits for the hair health.

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