Eclipta Alba (Bhrigraj) for Dark Lustrous Hair

Hair related problems like hair loss, premature greying and baldness have become rampant among people of all age groups caused due to various factors like dietary changes and environmental pollutants that cause baldness in young men as young as twenty-five.  However, these problems are not irreversible as there are ways and means of rejuvenating hair follicles and stimulating growth.  Despite a number of remedies available in the markets, these do not produce the desired long-term effects. Furthermore, containing harsh chemicals with side effects, these cause permanent damage.  However, safe and effective, simple natural cures producing long standing permanent results help regain the splendour and beauty of the locks promoting rich growth and keeping them naturally healthy. The principles of Ayurveda, have given us simple remedies for numerous physical conditions, making maximum use of nature’s wonderful gifts of herbs. One such valuable herb is the Eclipta Alba or Bhringraj offering a multitude of benefits for health and beauty. This article elaborates the herb’s magnificent effects for repairing and rejuvenating hair.


What is Eclipta Alba (Bhringraj)?

Bhringraj LeavesA short perennial herb, profusely growing to a height of about three meters in height, Eclipta Alba generally found in regions, like India, China, Brazil and Thailand belongs to a large family of Asteraceae plants. Mainly growing in places that are moist, the herb consists of long shoots of spear-shaped sharp leaves in greenish-red bearing clusters of tiny white flowers that appear similar to asters.


Other Names of Eclipta Alba
Common Name Lal kesari, Kesarda, Galagara, Keshwri ,Kesuti, Bhangra,
Latin Name Eclipta alba
English Trailing eclipta, Thistles, False Daisy
Sanskrit Bhringaraja, Angaraka, Kesharaja, Kesharanjana, nilapushpa, Bhringa ,Markava
Hindi Balari, Bhringraj, Bhengra, Bhangra, Mochkand, Babri
Marathi Maka, Bhangra
Guajarati Kalobhangro, Dadhal, Bhangro
Marathi Bhringuraja, bangra
Tamil Kaikeshi, karishalanganni
Telugu gunta-kalagara, galagara
Malayalam  Kayyoni
Kannada Kadiggagaraga, garagadasappu
Tibetan brin ga ra dza, bhri-ga, bhra nga ra dza
Arabic kadim-el-bint
Urdu ab bhangra, bhangra, babri, bhangra


Chemical Constituents of Eclipta Alba

The Primary constituents of Eclipta Alba consists of derivatives of thiophene, wedelolactone, dimethyl wedelolactone, desmethyl-wedelolactone-7glucoside  isoflavanoids, flavanoids, glycosides, triterpine, ß-amyrin, luteolin-7-O-glucoside, luteolin, stigmasterol ,alpha-terthienyl-methanol, beta-amyrin wedelic acid, ecliptine, alkaloids and saponin.


Eclipta Alba – A Health Aid

The seeds and plant as a whole contains curative properties essential for optimal health.  Owing to its potent substances, Eclipta Alba is effective for treating various health related disorders ranging from liver problems to inducing sleep. However, the herb is popular throughout the world for its most notable benefits for stimulating hair growth, baldness and premature greying of hair.


Benefits of Eclipta Alba for Those Glorious Tresses

According to the principles of Ayurveda, Eclipta Alba containing vital chemical constituents is a powerful hair tonic. The extracts of the Eclipta Alba leaves rejuvenate hair keeping the hair lustrous, dark and healthy. Used traditionally for generations to enhance the colour of the hair, Eclipta Alba also helps nurture and condition hair.


Hair Growth Cycle

The hair growth cycle comprises of three stages, with the average pattern of hair on the scalp ranging to about a lakh, growing at a rate of half an inch each month.  This is the anagen phase with the hair follicles on the scalp lasting somewhere between three to five years.  However, after a resting period of few years, known as the catagen phase, the hair starts dropping once again.  This followed by the tenogen phase, results in growth by 85% while the remaining hair continues to rest.  Nonetheless during the resting period there is a substantial amount of hair loss ranging from somewhere between fifty to hundred strands per day.  After the resting period, the hair sheds and there is new growth of hair commencing a new hair cycle.


Effects of Eclipta Alba on Hair Growth Cycle

Studies indicate that Eclipta Alba stimulates and rapidly increases growth of hair follicles, much more than normal, when hair reaches the telogen phase.  The extracts of the Eclipta Alba leaf consists of powerful anti­hep­a­to­toxin substances namely, desmethyl­wede­lo­lac­tone and wede­lo­lac­tone including ecliptines urso­lic acid and stig­mas­terol.These substances constitute the revitalizing properties that cause rapid hair growth with similar effects as minoxidil for addressing several hair related problems, without the side effects of minoxidil though. (How to grow hair faster?)


Prevents and Helps Reverse Premature Grey Hair

The herb is valuable in treating premature greying of hair and helps regain lost colour and arrest the greying process. Regular use of this herb prevents greying for prolonged periods. (More home remedies for premature greying of hair)


Prevents Dry Hair and ImprovesTexture

Apart from these factors, Eclipta Alba augments hair texture and makes the strands smooth soft and manageable preventing dry, damaged and frizzy hair. (More home remedies for dry frizzy hair)


Stimulates and Rejuvenates Hair Growth

The herb penetrates into the scalp effectively, unclog blocked pores breathing new life into dull damaged lifeless hair by stimulating hair follicles.


Prevents Premature Baldness

Alopecia areata, a dermatological disorder with various psychological impact leads to irregular balding that occurs in patches.  Owing to its unique properties, Eclipta Alba prevents such conditions and helps rejuvenate hair growth by stimulating the follicles and helps hair grow in bald patches.


Home Remedies Using Eclipta Alba

Thick hair

Boil one litre each of Eclipta Alba leaf extracts, coconut oil – in it s pure form- along with juice of Indian gooseberry and hundred grams of bay leaves. Boil thoroughly until the oil separates from the juice. Strain the oil and transfer the contents to a glass jar. Massage the oil on scalp, followed by a wash after an hour. This is a wonderful remedy for premature hair fall and promotes dense growth.


Hair Conditioner

For attaining silky soft tresses, condition hair using Eclipta Alba paste with either neem, tulsi, shikakai, brahmi, or gooseberry. Besides conditioning the locks, they also revitalise the roots enhancing growth.


Grey Hair

Massaging the scalp with oil prepared by boiling coconut oil and Eclipta Alba extracts helps reverse grey and promotes hair growth.


Massaging gently with oil prepared by using Eclipta Alba leaf extracts along with Neem oil too improves the thickness of the hair, arrests dandruff and prevents premature greying of hair.


Boiling the leaf extracts of Eclipta Alba with sesame oil imparts a glorious sheen and helps hair become more manageable.


Natural Hair Dye

To obtain a natural hair dye, boil the leaf’s extracts for a long time and reduce the concoction to half its quantity.  Use the remains to enhance the colour and texture of hair.


Alopecia Areata

Combine the juice of Eclipta Alba with powdered tusk of elephant along with camphor. Apply this mixture on the hairless bald regions.  This works wonders, by stimulating hair roots and precipitating growth in the bald patches.


Applying a paste of crushed Eclipta Alba leaves and rinsing after an hour, provides excellent results. Repeat the process for three months continuously for desired results.


Apart from using this simple herb, a healthy lifestyle complete with plenty of exercise, a well-balanced nutritious diet, getting eight hours of beauty sleep and breathing in fresh unpolluted air, sure goes a long way in achieving those enviable dark lustrous locks, which undoubtedly is a woman’s finest ornament!

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