UFOs and Aliens: Are We Alone?

What is UFO? U.F.O. is the abbreviation for Unidentified Flying Object. Technically a UFO is a strange object which is sighted in the sky but cannot be identified as a standard aircraft. Generally aerial vehicles which are in the testing phase and made unknown to the public also fall under the category of UFOs. They generally acquire the awe of the public for their peculiar and unfamiliar shapes. Most UFOs of earthly origin are new top secret technologies which undergo testing but are unintentionally exposed to the public. But why do people mostly link the word “UFO” with other inter planetary life beings or simply put; “Aliens”? First let us see what aliens are.


The word alien actually means an unknown or an outlandish entity. Aliens are those life forms which belong to the habitat of another heavenly body other than ours. The heavenly body may be a planet or even a moon. For example a life form which belongs to the planet of Mars would be an alien to us. The word “Alien” is a relative word. To a life form of another planet, we would be aliens. As far as earth is concerned, there is no solid proof to show that aliens exist. But there are numerous controversies and witness sightings to prove otherwise. Space explorations are also being conducted to get a conclusive proof of existence of life on other planets by various some space research organizations like NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Administration), USA in one of its recent missions to mars by sending the rover called “Curiosity” which has a mission to observe mars before sending man onto it.


UFOs and the Extra-Terrestrial Connection

There are many famous witness reports from civilians and even military personnel stating that they had seen or felt the presence of aliens. Most of the UFO sightings consist of people witnessing a disc shaped or “saucer” shaped flying device with bright lights or even triangular shaped ones. The USA receives about 400 reports of UFO sightings in a single month. These reports are submitted to the government with substantial proof. Most of these videos and photos are false. In a hope to achieve instant fame and popularity, people edit or use trick photography to produce pictures to make it look like they had an encounter with an alien. The most commonly used trick is by covering a Frisbee with aluminium foil and some Christmas lights and to click its photo after throwing it into the air and distorting the photo using editor tools. But some of the reports have substantial proof but are covered up by the US government to hide the facts. One of the most famous cover ups was the “Roswell UFO incident” that occurred on July, 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. There was a press release by the air force personnel that recovered the crash debris stating that they had recovered a flying saucer which reportedly contained the bodies of aliens in them. Later the military covered it up saying that it was a wreckage of a high altitude weather balloon. If this was in fact a cover, it was quite a poor one.

World War 2 Nazi UFO Conspiracy

Nazi Germany of Hitler had him working on breakthrough technologies by top Nazi scientists. Top aeronautical were taken as prisoners in concentration camps and made to develop UFO resembling aircrafts and then killed after they finished their work. One such aircraft was “The Bell” whose shape resembled the disc shaped structure of the common UFO sightings. It was believed that one of Hitler’s generals went behind him and surrendered these technologies to the Americans. Due to this reason certain conspiracy theorists believe that the Americans are trying to cover up testing this ground breaking new flying devices as flying saucers to avoid leakage of their technology to the outside world.

History of Alien Contacts
An alleged UFO seen in New Jersey, on July 31, 1952

An alleged UFO seen in New Jersey, on July 31, 1952

Many conspiracy theories have been produced explaining that we have been constantly invaded by aliens since a long time in history. History is filled with numerous examples to show that the human development was promoted by alien contact and that it was aliens who had transferred messages to humans by sending telepathic messages. Almost every religion is based on the theory that god exists above the sky, which is outer space. Historians believe that aliens visited the ancient civilizations and were treated as gods. A popular example is the one of the pyramids. They were built pointing towards the sky and astronomically aligned to the “Orion belt” and distant star systems. Even temples and churches are built pointing towards the sky.


There are also examples in the bible which when reviewed seem like alien interventions. One Such example is the writ of the “Ten Commandments” by Moses. The commandments were set of laws that were to be followed by his people. During the inscription of the commandments on the tablet, Moses was said to have been lifted into the sky by that bright light and he describes the shape of the Earth as “There upon I saw the round of the earth in the vast altitudes of the heavens”. Till that time the earth was believed to be flat but Moses here describes it as being round. This shows that he witnessed the shape of the earth from space. What if the “Ten Commandments” were given to him by forces from another world? One could imagine the logic behind this viewpoint.


Another example is the one of the great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. In the Cambridge University, February 1913, the well-known mathematician of the time Godfrey H. Hardy received a letter from a 26 year Ramanujan stating complex theorems and formulas. Harvey was astounded upon seeing them. He had never seen such complex mathematics in his life. He believed that it was mathematics of the highest order. A gifted mathematician since he was a child, Ramanujan often claimed his breakthroughs were communicated to him by the Hindu goddess “Namagiri” in his dreams. Coincidentally enough all these theorems were used in the coming generations by people to support the mathematical equations of thephysics of the universe like the string theory and even lead to the hypothesis of inter dimensional travel through portals and wormholes, levitation, teleportation and more. All this which he believed was communicated to him through his dreams. Was this another case of telepathic communication by aliens to promote a sense of universal knowledge in us? Was this Goddess another form of foreign species trying to share their knowledge through a common language of mathematics?  Many such incidents exist in which artists, musicians and scientists used to acquire their breakthroughs through dreams and visions.


One more incident of telepathic communication was said to have taken place in Rendelsham forest in England. Two air force personnel James Penniston and John Burrows stumbled upon a triangular shaped UFO. They described it having a bluish light with an orange mist around it and certain inscriptions on it resembling ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. After touching its surface they started seeing images in their heads in the form of binary codes (1s and 0s). Their jobs did not permit them to disclose these details to the public. So, after 30 years still being haunted by these images in their dreams, they wrote down the binary code in a book and used the help of a programmer to decipher it. After deciphering the message it read:

“Exploration [of] Humanity

52o 09’ 42.532 N

13o 13’ 12.69” W

Conti [nuos]

For Planetary Advan [ce]”


The longitudinal and latitudinal co-ordinates point to the sunken island called Hi-Brasil which was a closed off society considered to be centuries ahead of its time in technology and civil advancements. A coincidence or are aliens really trying to communicate with us? In the present there  is certainly no solid proof that aliens and UFOs exist but we cannot rule out the possibility of a more intelligent an older species than ourselves trying to communicate with us for inter planetary peace and development. All we have are clues. We need to do is put the pieces together and solve the puzzle.

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