Types of Treadmills and Elliptical Machines

Types of TreadmillsCardio is a major part of all exercise regimes and helps to keep you fit and healthy. Cardio exercises increases the movement of the muscles thus making them stronger. Moreover these exercises also increase the heart rate and thus deliver more oxygen to the muscles. There are varieties of exercises and machines that can be used for cardio among which treadmill and elliptical are the most common and effective ones.  There are varieties of these machines available in the market and you can make a choice depending upon your preferences and requirements.


Treadmill and their types

Treadmill is one of the most popular and common exercise machines that are used by people all across the globe. There are varieties of treadmills available in the market with different designs and functions and a list if given below:


1. Manual Treadmill

Manual treadmill is the most basic type of machine which gets activated when you walk on it. All the functions of this treadmill like inclination have to be adjusted manually. These types of treadmills are a good choice for the seniors and are cheaper as compared to other models.


2. Motorized treadmill:

These treadmills have a motor and come with multiple features.  All the functions in these types of machines can be adjusted automatically and no manual adjustment is needed. Majority of the treadmills these days are the motorized ones.  Motor power, level of inclination and running surface are some of the features that help to make the decision regarding these treadmills.


3. Folding treadmill:

Another popular type is a folding treadmill which is just perfect for people who have limited space. These are generally manual treadmills which can be folded up when not in use. These are good choice for people who have small apartments.


Besides the above given, many other types of treadmills depending upon design and functionality are also available. Before buying your machine just make sure to check proform treadmill to get a better idea as to what will be perfect for you.


Elliptical and their types

elliptical machineElliptical machine is also one of the popular cardio equipments that are used by large number of people. These machines basically work on the lower body and work on the hamstrings, quads as well the glutes. There are variety of elliptical machines available among which you can select the one as per your requirement and preference


1. Elliptical Glider:

An elliptical glider helps to exercise legs through hip and knee extension. These machines have stationery handlebars without any moving foot platform, arms or pedals. The pedals of this machine can move up, down and a slight backward angle. It can be considered as the very basic type of elliptical.


2. Elliptical Cross Trainer:

It is a popular elliptical machine that helps to exercise the lower as well as the upper part of the body. The machine has a pedal platform that moves in the elliptical position. The moving arms in the machine help to work out the upper body including elbows and shoulders.


3. Rear Drive Elliptical:

These elliptical has smooth stride and in order to provide more inertia, the flywheel is placed in the rear part.


4. Front Drive Elliptical:

These elliptical have the flywheel in the front part of the machine which offers comfort during a longer stride.


5. Center Drive Elliptical:

These machines have flywheel in the center part of the machine which makes it sturdy and strong. As compared to others, these are also small in size.


If you are planning to buy an elliptical then make sure to get the reviews from fitness equipment sources before taking any decision.

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