Treadmill Training for a Healthy Body and Mind

TreadmillA hectic lifestyle, excessive workload, multitasking and unhealthy junk food may all be taking their toll on your fitness levels. Hence, you may have been  compromising on your exercise and fitness regimens, which in turn might be making you totally unhealthy, susceptible to various  illnesses. Do you know that such a situation can also shorten your lifespan and prevent longevity?? However, if you have been a victim of time constraints, feeling guilty of neglecting your fitness programmes, here’s a super simple  solution to keep yourself fit and take care of your health…. investing on  a treadmill.  With this  you can work within  the comfort of your own home and at your own convenient time.  Rain or shine need not prevent  you from maintaining fitness and exercising. Beside fulfilling your fitness needs, building of muscle mass and toning your body to sculpted perfection, treadmill workouts also offer innumerable positive benefits correlated to health. In this article, let us  examine a few of them.


Benefits of Treadmill Training

Hitting the treadmill offers multiple benefits for both physical and mental wellness. Let’s delve into a few of them here…


Physical Benefits of Treadmill Exercise

Running, jogging and walking on a treadmill prove as effective as aerobics, as they  involve effective use and movement of the muscles and limbs, on the legs, back and arms.


1. Boosts Metabolism

Regular treadmill workouts boost body’s metabolism and enables  effective functioning of the body. Increased metabolism leads to higher energy dissipation that results in weight loss.


2. Promotes Weight-Loss

natural weight loss tipsTreadmill helps burn loads of calories and cooperate with your weight loss goals. Fast/  slow walking,with a gradual increase in speed running helps lose the extra flab on the body. Unlike aerobics, that pile up  extra pounds, post slimming or fitness sessions, treadmill training averts weight regain long after the exercise. Furthermore, due to the involvement and movement of the hand including the legs, waist and thighs, it is beneficial for shedding  stubborn fat around these regions.


3. Tones Muscles

Regular treadmill movements not just makes you lose flab and burn calories, but also builds muscle mass, tones and shapes them to perfection.


Health Benefits of Treadmill Exercise

1. Diabetes Management

Senior couple hikingRegular exercise and consumption of diabetic-friendly diet are vital prerequisites for managing diabetes. This is especially so in patients who are not dependent on insulin. Normally, the liver requires twenty minutes of walking to utilise insulin and improve (insulin) sensitivity. This is generally made  for the release of energy from the glucose reserves in the body. Hence, walking on the treadmill for a stipulated time  stabilises blood sugar levels and enables effective secretion of  insulin cutting down risk of correlated problems by fifty percentage.


2. Lowers Blood Pressure

Treadmill training also helps stabilise blood pressure levels. According to several studies, working out on the treadmill for twenty minutes lowered post-exercise blood pressure readings in hypertensive patients.


3. Encourage Blood Circulation

Regular treadmill activity stimulates the smooth flow of oxygen-rich blood  throughout the body, improving overall circulatory health and function. This factor also inhibits and restricts a condition of circulatory dysfunction called flow mediated dilatation thus promoting vascular health at large.


4. Prevents Atherosclerosis

Along with providing positive benefits on circulatory health and arterial function, regular treadmill practice prevents the possible risk of atherosclerosis, a condition that results in  the hardening of peripheral arteries due to build up of excessive fat and plaques along the arterial walls leading to clumping of blood.


5. Stabilises Cholesterol

Since regular treadmill exercise prevents blood clots and boosts circulatory health, it improves blood lipid profiles and helps maintain healthy  blood cholesterol levels by increasing the high density lipids (HDL) or the good cholesterol  and reducing the low level lipid protein(LDL) known as the bad cholesterols augmenting optimal health.


6. Improves Cardiac Health

heart healthAccording to The American Heart Association vigorous workouts for 75 minutes or moderate exercise for 150 minutes per week benefits cardiac functions considerably well. Therefore exercising on a treadmill help the heart pump better, enhance breathing, improve heart rate by reducing the resting rate, stimulates blood flow to the heart, lungs and other vital organs and in addition keeps the arterial walls clear from risk of plaque.  Apart from all this another vital aspect of treadmill machines with regards to cardiac health is that these machines help diagnose coronary heart  disease by putting the body under stress.


7. Offers Anticancer Benefits

According to experts moderate levels of exercise helps improve the quality of life for cancer patients. Exercise inhibits  deadly cancer cells from forming and preventing the multiplication of existing cancer cells in the body by half. Research also indicates that exercise benefits on cancer, largely depend upon a number of factors such as mental, immune and hormonal conditions. Furthermore treadmill exercise also helped neutralise the sex hormones such as progesterone, testosterone and estradiol which when high leads to cancer risk. Also since treadmill workouts enhance breathing,  receiving high levels of oxygen proves a deadly threat for the cancer cells, stimulates the lymphatic system and alleviates the side effects of chemotherapy.


8. Promotes Bones Health

Walking or running on a treadmill improves bone density, strengthens the skeletal system, prevents brittle and weak bones, thus keeping them strong. This is advantageous for women in their reproductive and post menopausal age as these avert symptoms of bone-thinning anti inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis and  arthritis.


Mental Wellbeing

Treadmill workouts besides keeping you physically fit, active and healthy also ensures your emotional and mental wellbeing.


1. Relieves Depression

Treadmill exercises alleviates symptoms of depression, anxiety and mood swings by releasing the feel good hormones known as endorphins.


2. Stress Release

Owing to the release of endorphins, exercise relieves stress rejuvenating the mind and body.


3. Keeps you Happy

The release of endorphins relieves stress, boosts mood, ignites new energy sending positive signals to the brain, thus imparting a feeling of cheerfulness around you.


4. Enriched Cognitive Function

According to several studies, treadmill activity enhances cognitive function, through brain stimulation, improved blood flow to the brain thus boosting, memory and concentration.


5. Alleviates Alzheimer’s Disease

Regular workout prevents cognitive decline and impairment in the elderly who are at a risk for developing age-related mental disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia.  According to Researchers there was tremendous improvement in the cognitive abilities of the patients with  this disorder after a comprehensive 12 week treadmill workout programme. This was chiefly due to reversals in cognitive decline owing to adequate supply of blood and oxygen to the brain.


6. Eliminates Sleep Disorders

Following a regular exercise routine helps regulate sleep patterns preventing sleep related disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea.


Other Benefits of Treadmill Exercises

  • Promotes immune health, prevents occurrences of diseases and rejuvenates health
  • Strengthens the GI tract, averts constipation and regulates the bowel
  • Reduces risk of gallbladder stones and surgery
  • Boosts libido, improves sex lives and mitigates impotency in men
  • Prevents nicotine craving and helps smokers give up smoking.


Valuable Tips for Treadmill Training

If you are a beginner here are a few valuable tips for a safe, healthy and enjoyable workout….

Treadmill Exercise 

Warm Up

Begin your session running or walking for five minutes in slow pace for a warm up.


Slight Incline

Inclined running or jogging proves extremely beneficial for meeting your healthcare and fitness goals. For a beginner setting the inclination,  initially at 0% and gradually increasing it to 2% as you build up speed sure helps. Besides, setting too steep an incline tends to cause injuries to the calf muscle and Achilles tendons.


Don’t hold the console

While running jogging or walking on the treadmill keep your arms at ninety degrees angle and do not hold on to the console or handrails.


Interval Training

Running at the fastest pace  for half a minute followed by jogging for 45 seconds and switching over to a brisk walk for a couple of minutes improve cardio  and muscle fitness. Repeating this process and changing the incline between flat and steep throughout your workout proves effective.


Comfortable Shoes

Choose a pair of very comfortable running shoes that doesn’t pinch your feet yet fit snugly. Furthermore, to avoid the impact on the joints and ankles, use supportive insoles which work well.


Right Posture

Beginners who jump on the treadmill have a tendency to be more concerned about the speed than maintaining a right posture. For the first few weeks it would be better to reduce speed and instead of landing flat footed, or on your heel,  do so on the ball of your feet, keep head straight ,with the shoulders kept low and loose.


Avoid Boredom

To avoid boredom plug on your headphones and listen to soul stirring music or watch an interesting movie or  catch up on the latest news. This will help you run longer and reap the benefits.


Stay Hydrated

Working out on a treadmill can make you sweat much more than running outside due to space confinement and lack of fresh air. So having a bottle of water within reach helps you  keep  hydrated.


So now that you know the versatility of treadmill and the benefits don’t delay in jumping on one and start your workouts.

Stay happy, healthy and fit!

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