Top 3 At Home Remedies For Ringworm


Natural Home Remedies for Ringworm

It is a common misconception that worms cause Ringworm or tinea. Nevertheless, the main reason for ringworm breakout is dermatophytosis, a fungus that generally thrives on dead skin cells, nails and hair. An external fungal infection, commonly seen in children, but concerning adults too, ringworm appears as an unappealing blistery red ring surrounding a white patch on different parts of the body such as the groin, face, feet, nails and scalp transferable via pets in the household. Nevertheless, the infection keeps spreading with a new patchy ring developing with healing of the previous ring.


What Causes Ringworm? Major Contributing Factors for Ringworm
  • Improper Personal cleanliness is one of the main causes for ringworm.
  • There are possibilities of ringworm infection spreading from household pets like cats and dogs.
  • Scalp ringworm, especially in children spreads with sharing of brushes, combs and hats.
  • Ringworm is likely to occur with sharing of sports gear, garments, linens, bedding and towels.
  • Having direct skin contact with a person infected with ringworm also spreads the infection.
  • Livings in crowded humid damp conditions pose a serious threat for ringworm infection.
  • Donning restricted tight clothing also is another cause for ringworm infection.
  • Individuals with weak immune system without any resistance are also likely to develop the infection rapidly.



There are various treatments of ringworm in the form of ointments and creams, nonetheless, nothing like a compelling home remedy to combat the itchy ring.


1) Fresh Papaya as a remedy for Ringworm

papaya pulpThe simplest home remedy for ringworm treatment is to use fresh peeled papaya slices on the ringworm. Swathe a bandage using gauze and allow it to rest for a couple of hours prior to rinsing with soap and water to relieve inflammation and itching.  Nevertheless, for effective results follow this procedure thrice a day until the area is devoid of scaling. A paste made from papaya seeds, applied on the infected area also gives respite.


2) Garlic as a remedy for Ringworm

garlic for ringwormAn awesome food for treating various medical conditions, small wonder that garlic, with their incredible antifungal properties, are effective for treating ringworm. Applying crushed or peeled, sliced garlic on the ringworm and covering the area with plaster overnight does a world of good. Repeating this procedure on a regular basis provides beneficial results.

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3) Mustard Seeds as a Remedy for Ringworm

mustard seedsAnother effective remedy for ringworm is a paste made of mustard seeds. Washing the ringworm-affected area with fresh clear water helps unblock the pores. Then rub the mustard paste and leave it open without covering or wrapping until it turns completely dry.  Finally cleanse with tepid water. Repeating this at home remedy, thrice a day for a couple of days cures the ringworm, eliminating dryness and inflammation of the skin.


Besides using these remedies, breathing in fresh air and basking in the glory of the sun helps greatly to get rid of this irritating skin condition.


So, use these natural and safe remedies to say ringworm goodbye forever!

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