Tips: Home Remedies to Reduce Foot Odor

Tips to Reduce Foot Odor

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Why do feet stink? Well, our feet have more than 250,000 sweat glands that produce almost ½ liter of sweat every day. Sweat is basically salt and water and does not have a smell on its own. The smell is caused by the excretion made by the bacteria that thrive on our sweat! Bacteria love damp and dark places and our socks are the perfect breeding place for them. When you remove your shoes at the end of the day, the stink that hits you is the excretion of the bacteria that’s collected on your feet, socks and your shoes.


To avoid the embarrassment of being called “stinky feet” by your friends, you can:

»  Either decrease the collection of bacteria on your feet, or,

»  Decrease the amount of sweat collecting on your feet.


For the former option, it is necessary to maintain good foot hygiene, by

»  Washing your feet with a strong anti-bacterial soap

»  Wearing clean socks

»  Wearing well aired out shoes


To reduce excessive sweating,

»  Wear well ventilated shoes

»  Wear socks made preferably of cotton which helps absorb the sweat

»  Apply antiperspirant to your feet or a mild talc before you wear on your socks

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How to Buy Proper FootwearLike your clothes, your footwear also defines your sense of fashion and comfort. Proper fitted and appropriate footwear is what you have to look for while buying shoes, to ensure comfort, safety and function. Given below are a few pointers that should be followed while buying footwear:


  • Buy shoes that have a snug fit to the heel and which do not constrict the toes.
  • Avoid buying pointed toe shoes that do not have space for your toes.
  • To protect feet better and absorb more impact, it is desirable to have shoes with a little more cushioning.


Tannin Soak to Reduce Foot Odor:

Tannin is found in tea leaves is a drying agent. Boil two or three tea bags in a big vessel of water. Mix cold water and soak your feet for half an hour and dry them well. Apply foot powder. Initially you can do this twice a day. After few days, you may bring it down to once a week if find substantial improvement.


Sodium Bicarbonate Soak to Reduce Foot Odor:

Dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda in a liter of water. Soak your feet for 15 minutes and dry them well. This method makes the surface of the feet more acidic which will reduce the amount of odor emitted.


Vinegar Soak to Reduce Foot Odor:

Vinegar soak is one of the effective home remedies for food odor. Add half a cup of vinegar in a big vessel of water. Soak your week for 15 minutes. Dry your feet with a soft cloth. For good results, do this twice a week to reduce the foot odor.


Ginger Soak to Reduce Foot Odor:

Take a two inch piece of ginger. Mash into a pulp and use a gauge to soak it in a mug of hot water for around five minutes. Now rub this liquid onto each foot every night before you sleep. Let the feet dry themselves. Try this method for a couple of weeks.


Drying using Benzoyl Peroxide to Reduce Foot Odor:

For effectively drying your feet, apply 10 percent benzoyl peroxide gel for cleaning and drying your feet. It helps to kill the bacteria which are the cause for foot odor.

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