Tips for Switching off When You’re Not at Work

finds it hard to leave the pressures of work

If you’re the kind of person who finds it hard to leave the pressures of work behind when you leave for the weekend, it could be time to try some relaxation techniques. Whether you’re into painting, gardening, knitting, or baking; if it makes you happy, do it often.

Modern life can be awfully stressful, so making time for yourself is really important. During the weekend, try not to think about your responsibilities at work. They won’t be harmed if you spend a couple of days relaxing, chilling out, and treating yourself to a bit of a rest.

Oz mattress outlines a few handy tips and tricks for switching off when you’re not at work will help you learn how to unwind and enjoy your free time.

Catch Up On Sleep

If you work long hours and often feel very tired during the week, don’t feel bad about using your weekend to catch up on sleep. But do make sure that you have the right tools for the job first. Poor quality sleep can be as damaging as a lack of sleep, so invest in a high quality mattress and some plump pillows which offer lots of neck support.

catching up on sleep

Get Out of the House

It can be really tempting to finish a hard week at work and sink into the sofa until it’s time to go back. There’s nothing wrong with a Netflix binge and a takeaway pizza every now and again, but you should also try to get out and do things. Even if you enjoy your job, it’s important to make it feel worthwhile. Go out for dinner, take a stroll in the park, or meet up with friends; give yourself the weekend that you feel you’ve earned.

Turn Off Your PhoneTurn off your phone to relax

For people who can’t bear to be away from their phones, there is one obvious way to reduce stress and switch off during the weekend. If you rely on your phone quite heavily at work, it will be synonymous with duty and responsibility in your mind. Every time that you check your phone for messages or emails, your brain will slip back into work mode. So, give yourself some downtime and turn it off at the weekend, even if it’s just for an hour each day.

Indulge in a Hobby

Time away from work is when you should be catching up on whatever it is you love to do. It could be reading, cooking, playing chess, or racking up points on your favorite video game. Whatever your preferred hobby, indulge and treat yourself. As long as your favorite activity isn’t anything too high stakes like gambling or heading out in shopping sprees, you should feel free to dive in and enjoy yourself.

Indulging in a hobby for relaxation

Appoint a Guardian Angel

Sometimes, all of the epic novels and soft pillows in the world just aren’t as powerful as the advice of a friend or loved one. If you’re finding it hard to leave work behind and you think it could be affecting your relationships, ask somebody that you trust for their opinion. Invite them to give you a nudge in the right direction if they feel like you’re not present enough when you’re with them. This should be enough to put things in perspective and take your mind off work.

Everybody relaxes in their own way, so you should take some time to think about what really matters to you. Think about what makes you smile and then try to incorporate it into your daily routine, when away from work. And remember, there’s more to life than your job.

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