This purple cabbage juice can help clean your kidneys! Must Learn!

This purple cabbage juice can help clean your kidneys! Must Learn!

Red cabbage or sometimes called as purple cabbage is a colorful range from the brassica family. It contains a light and refreshing taste. It contains a huge number of nutrients and vitamins as well as calories and fat which makes it an ideal choice for the individuals who maintain their diet.

The deeper the color of the purple cabbage has the richer the supply of anthocyanin that it have which can actually help in lessening the chance of having cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration and other diseases.

Just like the other vegetables out there, this kind of cabbage can also lose its various essential minerals and vitamins when it is thermally processed.

On the other hand, the antioxidants that the red cabbage contains are a lot of easier to be absorbed by the body when it is cooked. Therefore, consume a mixture of both raw and cooked cabbage.

Cooking tip: When you are about to cook the red cabbage, prevent from boiling it as the water will sap the nutrients from it.

Purple cabbage is perfect for all individual who sticks to a low-fat diet.

Red cabbage contains a low caloric density unlike the other foods. A cup of sliced raw red cabbage contains a small amount as 28 calories. The daily recommended intake or DRI of calories for an average healthy adult is about 2,000 calories. Eating one serving of raw cabbage gives less than 1.5% of an usual daily consumption.

The reason behind the low calorie content of red cabbage is due to its water content. The mass of red cabbage is consist of about 90% water that is definitely doesn’t gives a lot of calories to the body. The plant utilizes the water to transfer nutrients from its roots to its leaves. This high moisture content is the reason why it has a crunchy burst of flavor when you bite some of the raw red cabbage.

Clean Kidney Recipe


  • 1 sliced head fennel
  • ¼ green apple
  • 3 cups of chopped purple cabbage


All you have to do is to simply process all of the ingredients with the help of juicer. Mix them all together and consume this drink on a regular basis.