This oil helps destroy colon cancer cells but only a few people know this! Must Read!


The journey of our food inside the stomach takes hours before it is finally delivered into the temporary storage of feces. Once it has entered the mouth, our food already goes into partial breakdown. Our saliva has enzymes that breakdown a few particles as we chew our food.

It is then delivered into the esophagus (nothing really happens in the esophagus, food really is just delivered into the stomach) and then enters the stomach. The stomach has openings, one from the esophagus and one to the intestines. They are called “sphincters” and they prevent anything from going forward until needed and especially prevent anything from going back.

The major absorption happens in the small intestines where food gets mixed with pancreatic juices and bile (biles is what makes our stool look brown). After that, it is now deprived of water and forms into the stool we excrete everyday. The normal flora in our colons make sure that we breakdown what our normal gastric juices cannot.

However, sometimes these bacteria gets disturbed. Usually by improper diet or parasitic infections that result into scarring. Eventually, the bacteria proliferates and destroys a major part of the tissues. In addition to that, some cancer cells can migrate to the colon and replace the healthy cells. When this happens, colon cancer slowly develops. Having colon cancer is really diffifult since it disturbs the proper absorption pattern of the body. We can accumulate a lot of diseases and make ourselves susceptible to bacterial, parasitic and viral infections.This can actually be prevented by one simple ingredient. Coconut oil.

A study has been conducted where coconut oil speeds up the phagocytosis against cancer cells and destroys them by a huge number in just two days. It can also be useful in a lot more diseases such as mononucleosis, Hepatitis C, Herpes and many more. The studies have claimed how coconut oil improves the life quality if susceptible patients. If further research could be conducted, imagine the wonders that this could bring. The powerful substances in coconut oil that wasn’t really known before is now being considered for its wonderful uses. Coconut oil that was only seen as a rarely used compound actually possess the power to kill cancer cells. Take advantage of it now!

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