This is why too much sitting is bad for a person’s health!

Living an inactive lifestyle can actually be harmful for your entire health. The less sitting or lying down that you often do will lead to a higher of chances for living a healthy life.

Most of the people have been informed that if your stand or move around during the day, you have a lower risk of early death than of you sit at a desk all day long. If you live an inactive lifestyle, you will be having a higher risk of being overweight, developing heart diseases or type 2 diabetes, and even experiencing both of depression and anxiety.

How does an inactive lifestyle can actually affect both of your body and health?

All individuals are built to stand upright. The heart and cardiovascular system will not function more effectively in this kind of way. The bowel also works more effectively when you are standing upright. It is very usual for people who are bedridden in a hospital to suffer from issues with the function of their bowel.

On the other hand, when you are physically active, the levels of your energy and endurance are improved, and your bones will also maintain its strength.


Moving all of your muscles will actually assist your entire body in order to digest fats and sugars that you are consuming. If you spend a lot of time just sitting, the digestion is not that efficient, so you can actually maintain those fats and sugar as fat in your body.

Even if you do some sort of exercises, but spending a lot of time just sitting around, you are still at risk to some health issues just like metabolic syndrome.

Depression and Anxiety

The risk of having both anxiety and depression is higher to those individual who usually sit a lot longer. This might actually because people who spend a lot of time sitting are missing the positive effects of both physical activities and fitness.


Studies have shown that the dangers of just sitting around include the development of some kind of cancer such as lung and uterine cancers. The major reason behind this is not yet known.


Researches have claimed that even five days of lying in bed can actually result to elevated insulin resistance in the body. It is highly advised to those individuals who spend more time sitting to avoid this habit because they have a 112% higher risk of having diabetes.

Heart Disease

Sitting for a longer period of time has been associated to heart disease. It has been discovered that men who watch television for more than 23 hours a week contains 64% of higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than women who only watches 11 hours of television per week.

Varicose Veins

Sitting for a long time can also result to varicose veins or also known as spider veins because sitting causes blood to pool in both of your legs. The varicose veins are not actually harmful; nevertheless, they can be unappealing. Some rare cases lead to blood clots that can cause severe problems.

Stiff Neck and Shoulders

If you spend a lot of time on the screen of your computer, this can result to pain and stiffness on both of your neck and shoulders.

How will you save yourself from the danger of sitting?

If you are not getting enough activity every day, it is not yet too late to change your habits and gain great health benefits in the process. Prevent yourself from siting for a longer period of time and do more random activities.

Note: Moving around is great for your entire health. It is good for both of your physical and mental health. Being active is not actually hard as you think. There are a lot of ways to include some physical activity on your daily life.

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