This is what happens to your body once you stop smoking. Must read!

It is really difficult to prevent yourself from smoking once you have started it. Considering what will eventually happen to your body while you are smoking will assist you on getting rid of that habit to the curb for good.

The moment when you put down your cigarettes, your body is already experiencing positive changes. Just around 20 minutes after you have actually quit doing it, your heart rate will eventually go back to normal. After two consecutive hours, both of your heart rate and blood pressure levels will go back to normal, and this occurs when nicotine starts to fade out of your system.

Your removal signs and symptoms usually start between two to twelve hours after your last cigarette, and this is, undoubtedly, the hardest part. The removal of nicotine in your body will usually reach its peak about three days after you quit, which means, in the process, you will undergo headaches or nausea, as well as irritability. Nevertheless, at this moment, the carbon monoxide levels in your body will have dropped back to its normal level.

After doing so, if you can actually resist the cravings, you only have good things to look forward to such as at least one to nine weeks after quitting, your coughs, shortness of breath, or burning lungs during some physical activities will start to become lessened. Years later, your risk of having heart disease as well as acquiring several cancers, which include lungs cancer will be half that of a smoker’s risk.

Fifteen years after definitely stopping your smokes, your risk of having heart disease is corresponding to that of non-smokers. Moreover, when you stop smoking at the age of 30, you are to be expected to live the life of someone who has never smoked before, unless you have smoked comprehensively and have done permanent damage to your lungs that can result to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease of COPD.

Stopping cigarettes smoking can also affect each of your individual body parts as well.

  • Brain

Cigarettes have the ability to produce “feel-good” chemicals in your brain, which affects you similarly to addictive drugs just like heroin. The enlarged production of these opioids is what makes it difficult to quit smoking.

Getting rid of nicotine in the flow of the blood, which usually happens to several days after you completely stop smoking will eventually change the opioid flow in your brain, and will gradually return the chemicals in your brain back to normal.

Once you get past through the difficulty in early cravings and withdrawal, your brain will not depend on those chemicals anymore in order to feel good.

  • Lungs

Lungs have this astonishing ability rejuvenate rather rapidly. Right after the moment that you have quit smoking, your airways will start to see a decrease in inflammation, as well as the cilia, which is a small hair-like things that line them, will start to work again after a smoked-induced paralysis.

Cilia which works as the cleaning system of the lungs will start to repair themselves just days after you have stopped smoking and can actually return to their normal function as time goes by.

  • Heart

Right at the moment when you have quit smoking, both of your heart and blood vessels will start to improve that will eventually lower the risk of experiencing heart attacks.

  • Teeth

Once you have stopped smoking cigarettes, you may have to go through an oral hygiene routine to start in order to get rid of the tar on your teeth. Brush and floss it for at least twice a day and also drink plenty of water.

  • Skin

Although some of the skin damages are permanent, stopping smoking will instantly improve the flow of the blood and hydration to your skin which makes it more dull and youthful looking. Consuming plenty of water after smoking termination will help you to immediately bring your skin back on track. The processes that results to extra wrinkles will eventually slow down or stop once the toxins have been removed from your body. According to the study of John Hopkins, similarly to the bags under your eyes from lack of sleep, removing the smoke from your habit can actually improve your sleep cycles.

Don’t just easily give up! You have better looks, as well as longer and healthier life to look forward to as you quit smoking.