This incredible fruit can help remove body odor 2x better than deodorants! Must read!

Maybe you will not actually believe this, but sweat has the ability to battle and remove infections. A compound which is known as Dermcidin that can be found in sweat is responsible for killing the detrimental bacteria before they get inside your body.

This process is completely ruined by some antiperspirant because they are blocking your sweat ducts with some aluminum and toxins. As a result, the bacteria on your skin are able to grow, multiply and get into your bloodstream.

Therefore, in order to prevent this, it is the right time to stop using antiperspirants and commercial deodorants as well because they are packed with numerous toxins that can be extremely harmful to your health and it may lead to Alzheimer’s, cancer and even reproductive damage.

On the other hand, it is a fact that people should take care of their personal hygiene and body odor. How will you achieve that if you will not be using antiperspirant?

For that purpose, we will be suggesting to you in order to try solving your issue in a safe and natural way. We are talking about LIME! It is completely safe to use and it doesn’t have any side effects but it is also considered to be more effective compared to those artificial products. It can stop the odor from appearing instead of just masking it like deodorant does.

How to use it?

Just take a freshly-ripened lime and slice it in half. Get one piece of it and rub it in your underarm. Do the same method on the other side. Afterwards, let your armpit dry before you put your shirt on. And that’s it; this will actually keep you good for several hours. Keep the lime slices in a marked container.

Why it works?

As a matter of fact, sweat itself doesn’t have a bad smell. The smell is due to the fungi and bacteria which manage to be not killed by the Dermcidin. The bacteria continue to flourish and multiply in your armpits.

Look at the video below and find out more. Vegan Tiandra will explain how to use a lime as a deodorant.

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