This happens when you drink pineapple juice for a year, the result is amazing!

This happens when you drink pineapple juice for a year, the result is amazing!

Pineapples are an underrated fruit that many don’t realize have pretty incredible health benefits to them. Everything from alleviating inflammation to aiding in illness as this powerhouse fruit contains a ton of vitamins and enzymes.

What can happen if you drink pineapple juice at least twice a week? Check out these 10 amazing facts about pineapple that you probably don’t know about:

1.Less Inflammation
Bromelain is an enzyme in which pineapple contains and this has the ability to reduce inflammation while getting rid of the poisons which attack organs in the body.

2.Weight Loss
If you drink pineapple juice on an empty stomach, then what happens is you reduce your craving for sweets as thiamin kick starts your metabolism by quickly turning those carbs over to energy.

3. Protects against liver and intestinal parasites
Bromelain also has anti-parasitic qualities. It just takes 3 days for intestinal tapeworms to be killed off with the proper pineapple treatment.

4. Less thyroid issues
Iodine, which pineapple contains, can assist those who suffer from thyroiditis as it combats the inflammation. Organs will then be in the proper state to regain proper function.

5. Injury risk reduction
The potassium in pineapples helps keep the body’s electrolytes stable. The result is less muscular cramps during exercise, thus the risk of receiving injuries from sports is reduced.

6. Less Toxins
Antioxidants and enzymes in pineapple are actually the best natural anti-toxin in town. Regular consumption means you are keeping your body heavy metal free.

7. Improved digestion
Bromelain also boosts digestion while helping prevent any disorders which may occur in the digestive tract.

8. Healthy teeth
Yellow teeth and plaque are combated by regular intake of pineapple, while allowing for whiter, stronger and all around healthier teeth.

9. Vision improved
It’s the vitamin A and the beta-Carotin found in pineapple which support better vision. Age-related eyesight problems can be prevented with daily consumption of pineapple.

10. Cancer prevention
A study actually concluded that the bromelain in pineapple can effectively be used to fend off cancers. It’s been stated that the enzyme in pineapple actually has superior effectiveness compared to chemotherapy.