This effective method can help you get rid of acne in just 7 days! Must Read!

Pimples are one of the problems that come with puberty. There are a lot of factors that influence the growth of these pimples on your face or even anywhere in your body. These factors vary from person to person. They can be because of hormonal changes, lifestyle, and diet or skin type.

It varies for most since not everyone do the same routine. However, it brings the same confidence breakdown whenever they appear. Sadly, some people experience them even after puberty. It affects a person’s view of himself and may even affect their way of living and standing at life. Especially for teens, there are a lot of desperate teenagers that will do almost anything to get rid of the acne.

Visiting a dermatologist is highly recommended, however, we cannot deny that the dermatology and cosmetics world are intertwined and under the business section. They will most likely “offer” you products that are of their own and are highly costly.

You will of course, get a good effect yet it will cost you a lot and might need to go back occasionally. Spending thousands of bucks would not be necessary after you try this remedy! It has been all over youtube and has been labelled as an “Asian Secret” for those who dream to have clearer skin. There are only two ingredients and they are highly reachable!

So here are the procedure on how she do it

  • She used facial cleanser 135 ml for about 50 php (Eskinol)
  • Dalacyn C 150 mg for around the same price of facial cleanser


All you need is to open the eskinol, pour the capsule in the eskinol and shake it well.
Then apply in your face, but before you do, you must wash your face first, then grab some cotton ball and drop some eskinol in your cotton ball then carefully wipe the cotton ball around the face with acne.
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