This diet can help starve cancer cell and help fight diabetes.

In both of the opposite and negative opinion about the well-known beef, there is no or low-fat diet that is not actually good for you.

Nevertheless, there is a recent statement that has been approved by conventional cardiologist which is the people needs healthy fats for them in order to keep a good and functional heart for a good cardiovascular condition.

The High-Fat Ketogenic Diet (Proven and tested):

Dr. Fred Hatfield

Dr. Fred Hatfield which is known to be a trainer, a successful businessman and owner, a former power lifting champion have stated that the best anecdotal treatment is through the adaptation and application of this kind of diet. He has acquired his title of being a Doctor by completing his graduate studies in Kinesiology.

Dr. Hatfield was diagnosed with metastatic skeletal cancer and was given only three months in order to live, and the same prognosis was confirmed by three other Doctors. He then decided to make a research and treat his own diseases with respect to his medical condition.

This is how Ketogenic Diet has been discovered as an ultimate alternative solution that can be also used by a lot of people when Dr. Hatfield has done this amazing and miraculous treatment.

He left and shut his attachment with the intake of sugars and carbohydrates and started to consume a balanced amount of good meats and a lot of beneficial fats, not the cheap trans-fatty acid hydrogenated oils or margarine.

These kinds of products are only a little away from being a synthetically plastic, which points out that they are challenging and even doubtful to metabolize.

Some of the best sources and specialist of good and beneficial fats contains coconut oil, hemp oils, butter, eggs, and cold pressed olive oil. After some months of following this kind of diet, Dr. Hatfield cancer has been cleared up. A year later, he was still in a very good health.

Dr. Dominic D’ Agostino

Dr. D’ Agostino, came from the University of South Florida and he works as a metabolic researcher and he has discovered that mice with induced cancer  that has been put on a high fat non-carbohydrate glucose diets has been recovered effectively and he even reverses the cancer of the mice. It is a proof that when it is compared to those on chemotherapy, the diet plan is much more efficient.

The doctor have faces other patients who have tried and used the method of Ketogenic Diet, luckily, a lot of them approved it in a positive way.

Ketogenic Diet Meal Plans that can kill Cancer:

Healthy Fats:

You can actually consume butter, coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, avocados, as well as raw seeds and nuts.

Low Carbohydrate Vegetable:

It is comprises of kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, celery, as well as collard greens and Brussels sprouts.

Protein Sources:

These foods are packed with fish and seafood, fermented dairy, wild game, grass-fed beef, grass-fed raw organic dairy and organic pastured poultry.

Unfortunately, however, those cancerous cells flourish on simple sugars; oncologists somehow forget to inform the patients about this matter. On the other hand, alternative treatments for cancer are based on a diet that disengages the intake of sugar content and carbs.

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