This beverage destroys your bones and yet your drink it almost everyday. Must Read!

This beverage destroys your bones and yet your drink it almost everyday. Must Read!

Water is considered as the universal solvent. It dissolves almost everything and is used to many things. Opposite to that is our most favorite drink, Soda. It wins over water when it comes to consuming because a lot of people preferred drinking it instead of water. Do you know what it really does to your body when you start to take a sip?

As listed by the Nation’s Press, these are the possible effects of drinking soda. After reading this, you’ll agree that even a little consumption is dangerous.

First 10 minutes
You ate a lot and decided to drink. Both water and soda are present on the table and of course you took the glass of soda as it tastes and feels good. That one glass of soda or even a cup of it is equivalent to 10 tablespoon of sugar. Can you imagine if it wasn’t in the form of liquid, you have eaten such amount of sugar. That amount equals to your suggested sugar consumption for one day. So how many did you drink today?

After 20 minutes
From that huge amount of sugar, it is converted to fat in your liver. When that happens, your glucose and insulin levels will definitely increase.

After 40 minutes
Besides sugar, caffeine in the drink is absorbed completely by your body within 40 minutes. After this there is an also an increase of blood flow and your liver starts producing more sugar (different from that 10 tablespoon). Due to this, the hormone receptor of adenosine which is responsible in warding off fatigue is blocked. And now you’re more prone to exhaustion.

After 45 minutes
Now you’ll be moody. Well this is because by this span of time, secretion of dopamine (neurotransmitter compound) increases.

After 50 minutes
Other substances in your body such as zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphate abnormally rises also because of the enormous amount sugar and artificial sweetener from that cup of soda.

After 60 minutes
For 1 hour, you’ll experience more urinal passing wherein that urine, the magnesium, calcium and zinc needed by your bones are also extracted at the same time.

After a little more than hour
The process of sugar distribution is in its final stage. Just like eating chocolates, you’ll feel more energetic and sudden mood swings. So be prepared!