This 28 days planking challenge will tone and tighten your tummy. Must try.

The benefits from planking are endless. Even though, at the first glance, it may seem like a difficult task to do, plank is actually one of the best physical exercises that you can do in order to give your body a lot pf benefits.

Would you ever say that your body will be completely changed by just doing 4 minutes each day of exercise?

The below-explained plank challenge will show you that you can actually increase your physical performance, as well as making your body stronger by just involving yourself into a planking routine that us more than a success. The first result can be seen after the challenge has been done.

The goal of this challenge is to start by at least 20 seconds of planking pose and gradually increase the time of holding this kind of position as days go by.

In order to get the right placement, you have to keep your elbows stacked under your shoulders. This will allow your body to even out your entire weight.

You have to make sure that you are keeping your spine straight, as well as keeping your abdominal muscles engaged. Keep your legs a little wider that your hips point. You have to practice a steady breathing cycle and do not add pressure on the rest of your body.

Here are the benefits of planking:

  • Stomach tightening

Planking can actually enable you to form abs simply by holding the right posture. The abs is quite involved in the process, so you will able to notice immediate improvement in the area.

  • Flexibility boost

Because the whole body has been activated during the plank, both of your shoulders and back will learn on how to become more flexible and more prone to injuries.

  • Body posture amelioration

The potent physique begins with both of the spine and abs, and this is exactly what planks are targeting. Aside from being able to balance your body, you will learn how to sit upright at all times.

Here is the plank challenge:

Day 1- 20 seconds
Day 2- 20 seconds
Day 3 – 30 seconds
Day 4- 30 seconds
Day 5- 40 seconds
Day 6- Rest
Day 7- 45 seconds
Day 8- 45 seconds
Day 9- 60 seconds
Day 10- 60 seconds
Day 11- 60 seconds
Day 12- 90 seconds
Day 13- Rest
Day 14- 90 seconds
Day 15- 90 seconds
Day 16- 120 seconds
Day 17- 120 seconds
Day 18- 150 seconds
Day 19- Rest
Day 20- 150 seconds
Day 21- 150 seconds
Day 22- 180 seconds
Day 23- 180 seconds
Day 24- 210 seconds
Day 25- Rest
Day 26- 210 seconds
Day 27- 240 seconds
Day 28- Hold until you fail

Take a look at the video that we have provided below in order to learn the right attitude and techniques in doing planks, so that you can actually notice its amazing results. Good luck and you can start your challenge now!

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