Things all ladies should stop doing especially when they have their period.

The menstrual cycle is the monthly routine of changes in the body of a female and it goes through in the preparation for the chance of pregnancy.

Every month, one of the ovaries of the females delivers an egg process, which is known as ovulation. At the same time, hormonal changes prepare the uterus for fertilization.

If ovulation takes place and the egg isn’t fertilized yet, the lining of the uterus begins to sheds through the vagina and that is where menstrual period takes place.

Do you have an idea if where was your last menstrual period started or how long it lasted?

If not, it might be the best time to pay attention to it.

Have you been informed that tracking your menstrual cycle can actually assist you to understand what is normal for you?

Time ovulation and identify essential changes just like missed period or unpredictable menstrual bleeding. While menstrual cycle irregularities commonly are not that serious, but there are times that they can signal health issues.

If you are one of those ladies that are dealing with painful periods, then there are some things that you should not do.

Here are the top 6 things that you should not do while you are in a menstrual cycle:

Staying up all night

Going to bed early is extremely essential for your entire health. Moreover, when it comes to periods, you will pass them with fewer problems. Your body releases a hormone that is known as melatonin in the early part of the night. This kind of hormone plays an important role for numerous segment of your health. Disturbing the production of melatonin can lead to dangerous negative consequences.


For a lot of women, this thing is impossible. However, if you can stay home for at least one to two days while you are on your period, then it would be a great idea.

Skipping Meals

Skipping meals at the time of your period is not a good idea. You are about to lose a lot of blood, therefore, you need to eat properly in order to keep your energy levels.

Physical Work

In case that you are suffering from stomach or back pain, you have to make sure to avoid any physical work. This way you will actually prevent further complications and more pain.

Consume Fast Food

You can actually consume food more than the usual, but you need to make sure not to eat junk foods. In addition, consuming fast food in the middle of the night might seem like a good idea, but your stomach may disagree with you.

Having Unprotected Love Making

It is highly advised not have a love making intercourse while you are on your period. Nonetheless, if you decided to do it anyway, you just need to make sure that you are using a protection in order to avoid any infections.


You may also avoid the following:

  • Try not to consume cucumber because some substances that can be seen in it can lead to some blood may stay in the uterus wall.
  • Avoid drinking soda water.
  • Avoid consuming ice water because there is a possibility that the menstrual blood will remain the uterine wall.

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