The Super Five Exercises That You Can Do At Home

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.



Exercise at homeIt requires a great deal of dedication, discipline and loads of perseverance to implement a regular exercise routine in your busy schedules. However, you may be under the impression that you can derive immense satisfaction and contentment only when u hit the gym or engage in some kind of outdoor activity. Nevertheless, this happens to be a wrong notion. For there are some super simple exercises that you can do from home without any equipment or huge spaces. All you have to do is just spare a few minutes of your precious time and hey presto, you can achieve the same results as when you hit the gym. In this article, let us see the five most popularly simple exercises that you  can do at home to keep yourself in perfect shape and health.


The Super Five Exercises for the Indoors

1) Squats


Squats are simple exercises that require a very disciplined approach. If you are a beginner, just using a couple of sturdy chairs for support will really help. Keeping your feet wide apart, squat by straightening your back, keeping your chest up and bending your knees. Stay in this position for a couple of seconds at maximum tension points. Then go back to the position you were in when you started. Repeat this thrice continuously.



Squats strengthen and build muscles on the legs. It tones the thigh and muscles at the back apart from improving core strength. It also keeps the joints flexible and helps improve balance. Like other activities, it burns calories, reduces cellulite, keeps your blood flowing smoothly and augments release of hormones.

2) Leg Raise

raise legs

Doing leg raise diligently with the right frequency in general strengthens and keeps all your muscles fit. This exercise improves your gait and in particular builds and strengthens the abs and hip flexors. To do this exercise lie on your back keeping your palms facing downward and your hands at the sides. Lift both your legs gradually from the floor, tightening your abs and lifting the shoulders slightly away from the floor. Holding your chin up ensure slow rhythmic breathing and lift for about 10 counts. Then gradually bring both the legs to the floor. Repeat the process thrice continuously.



This particular exercise keeps the muscles of the lower back, stomach and the legs strong. It stretches the hamstrings and keeps your midriff in great shape. Apart from this it boosts digestion, enables effective absorption of nutrients and gets rid of harmful toxins from the body. Moreover, it helps balance blood sugar levels and improves spine alignment. However, it is imperative to avoid this type of exercise if you have back or neck problems, to avoid further injuries.


3) Step up

step ups

The step up is an effective functional exercise that mimics real life situations. To perform the this exercise stand in front of a step platform, chair or bench of at least four inches height. The height of course depends upon the proposed intensity of the workout. With your feet wide apart raise your right foot and place it on the platform, followed by raising  the left foot and keeping it on the platform beside your right. Hold on to this position just for a second (only). Remove the right foot from the platform and place it on the floor. Then do the same with your left foot. Do these with a straightened back, without bending your knees more than 90 degree angle while stepping on to the platform. Initially begin this activity with just a few steps and then gradually increase the pace and the number of times.



This exercise offers a whole lot of benefits for the body by improving heart efficiency,  making it pump harder. This factor improves blood supply to various parts of the body. The fast paced movement also works efficiently making the body utilise fat deposits and lose a good amount of body weight. It also strengthens the leg muscles and provides the same results as that of jogging and running.


4) Spot Jogging

Spot Jogging

Jogging in place is one of the best exercise options to do indoors. This provides two way benefits for you can perform this activity at leisure while watching a movie or your favourite television programme. This exercise does not have any  constraints with regards to place  as it can be performed anywhere… be it in office, on holiday, vacation, or simply within the confines of your cosy living or bedroom. However, to derive maximum benefits, it is imperative to carry out this exercise with precision. The most effective way to do this would be by way of raising your knees as high as possible ( as in the case of jumping) instead of merely kicking your feet. Also, doing this as fast as you can helps enjoy the wholesome benefits that this type of exercise can offer.



It is amazing for burning calories and helping weight-loss. For instance a thirty minute session helps you burn 281 calories keeping you in perfect shape and health. Furthermore it offers the benefits of protecting against coronary artery diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, obesity and diabetes. Besides these physical benefits, spot jogging also promotes mental health by alleviating anxiety and depression. The most important aspect is nevertheless that it acts as an amazing stress buster keeping your mind free of everyday tensions.


5) Forward Bend

forward bend

The forward bend exercise has few variations to its credit. It can be performed either in a standing  or sitting position. It is an intensive stretch exercise involving the muscles at the lower back and the hamstring. To begin with stand placing your feet together. Then with both  hands stretched above the head, bend gradually from the waist and not from the lower region. Then bring your hands down to touch the floor with palms facing downwards on the floor. If you are unable to touch the ground then hold the ankles with your hands and take deep even breaths. Hold on to the position for a minute or so before bringing your hands gradually back to your waist before coming to the standing position. For beginners placing the palm flat on the ground may be difficult initially. It requires a lot of practice to achieve this posture. If the standing position is difficult for some of you, try doing the same exercise in a sitting position reaching out to touch the toes. This too offers the same benefits as the standing forward bend.



It stimulates the brain by enhancing the blood flow to the brain, thus improving mental alertness and intelligence.  Besides, it also keeps you free from stress, insomnia, eases depression and minimises fatigue. It also keeps the kidneys and  liver  healthy  by effective overall function. It stimulates digestion and acts as a natural detox eliminating the harsh toxins from the body. slacken off symptoms of  headaches, asthma and menopause.  In Addition if you have a history of back pain consult your physician before beginning this type of exercise. Also while bending do so gradually, or else there are possibilities of muscle and tendon tears leading to injuries.


So all that you have to do to keep yourself fit and healthy is to start a regular exercise routine, a healthy wholesome diet, a positive outlook towards life and plenty of rest and fresh air.

Stay fit, healthy and happy!

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