The real reason why you should never go to bed with wet hair. Must Read.

Nowadays, the weather has become more unpredictable than before. Moreover, if due to this weather, you are considering to go to bed with your wet hair, you should think twice before doing so.

You do not have to worry because we are here to help you out and to let you be informed about whether going to bed with wet hair will end up with giving you a cold and a sore throat or you can actually try it.

The risk of catching a cold while sleeping with wet hair depends on the temperature of your bedroom. The loss of heat energy in your room will be more if the temperature in it is much less than the normal one.

In fact, common cold is caught by a virus and not just simply because of a wet hair.

However, there are times where studies has shown that spending more time in a colder room with wet hair makes the body more vulnerable to virus. As a result, going to be with wet hair should be avoided unless the room that you have is in warm and airy condition.

Additionally, if you are planning to go to bed with wet hair, we have some easy steps for you to follow in order to wake up with a beautiful and gorgeous hair in the morning.

  1. Making Waves

Flip your head upside down, make four loose and messy buns out of twisted hair, tie the buns separately, and do not make it too tight. By doing this, you will be waking up with beautiful curls in the morning.

You can also blow dry your hair for a short period before tying them in a messy bun in order to create more curls.

  1. Braiding

Braid your wet hair before going to bed in order to wake up with wonderful looks in the morning. Do not keep the braids too tight. Remove those braids in the morning when you wake up, shake your head, and let the braids naturally opened up.

  1. The Scrunchie/ Sock Technique

If you find it hard and annoying because of hair creasing in your sleep, then loosely, tie your hair above your head with the help of a Scrunchie and secure it in a bun. If you cannot actually find a Scrunchie instantly, you can utilize a sock by cutting its top and use it as a hair tie instead.

  1. Plopping

This one is an effortless technique that you can do in styling your hair. Flip your wet hair and pile it on a cotton towel or you can use a cotton shirt to give the best result, and wrap it tightly above your head. Fluff your hair in the morning when you wake up after removing the towel and win the world with your astonishing look.

  1. Change your Bedding

If you want to wake up in the morning with a straight hair, use a silk bedding. The smooth fabric of the silk brought less friction to your hair, which makes it smoother and straighter. It is the right time to display your beautiful hair after a sound sleep.

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