The most dangerous sports in the world

Sports and games are played by people for recreation and rejuvenation. Most of the games that are commonly played are safe and not fatal. There are some people who are not satisfied by the regular routine sports. They want to feel the adrenaline rush in their bodies. For such people, there are selective sports which are not only dangerous but any minor fault may lead to the death of the person.


Base jumping

Base JumpingBase jumping is a sport where in the person jumps from high raised buildings, skyscrapers and other tall structures. They use only a parachute for landing on the ground. If the wind is not favorable, chances of hitting an obstruction before they land on the ground are more. This sport is not only fatal, but is banned in several countries. But almost five to fifteen people die every year because of this sport.


Scuba diving

Scuba DivingScuba diving (Self Contained Under water Breathing Apparatus) is a very popular sports activity which has become quite popular in recent times. Water pressure inside the water sometimes can cause fatal illnesses like decompression sickness which affects the brain, lungs and spinal cord. There is a possibility of getting hurt due to stones and other sharp objects inside the water. Because of poor visibility many times the divers cannot see such objects. There is also the danger of sharks and other harmful creatures moving around the diver. Scuba diving is 96 times more dangerous than driving a vehicle on the road, as per a survey. Because of underwater high pressure, the person who does scuba diving may experience difficulty in breathing. Other illnesses which are associated with scuba diving are oxygen toxicity and nitrogen narcosis.


Cave diving

Cave DivingCave diving is also a part of scuba diving. But it needs more experience and special training to undertake cave diving. Scuba divers look for caves under the water and try to explore them. There are many perils associates with this sport. Hypothermia, extreme low visibility, air loss, getting separated from your co divers and lighting failure are some of the dangers. In open sea diving the person can come up for air. But in cave diving, it is not so. The diver needs to be extremely careful not to hit the rock. As per a research around 500 people have died because of the sport since 1960.


Big wave surfing

Big wave surfingBig wave surfing is done on giant waves where the danger of drowning or being dragged by the underwater currents is always there. Apart from that, there is a chance of the person’s head getting struck by the rocks or the surfing board. It is one of the fatal sports.


Street luging

Street lugingStree luging is a very extreme sport, where in the person lies down with his back on the skateboard. To stop the board, only feet are used. This sport is played on highways where there is heavy traffic. Chances of vehicle drivers noticing the person on the skateboard in the middle of the road are very low. There is a possibility of collision.



Heli skiingSkiers jump from a helicopter to ski on inaccessible snow covered areas. While jumping from the helicopter itself several people get hurt or die. There is a possibility of getting caught in an avalanche and no rescue team can reach the place.


Bull Riding

Bull Riding

Bull riding is a sport originated in Spain. The rider has to jump and sit on the raging bull that tries to throw the rider down. These bulls are ferocious and do not let the riders hang on. Some bulls weigh more than 900 kilos. The bull can throw the rider and stamp on him, leaving the rider with broken bones or sometimes death as well.


High Altitude climbing

High altitude climbing involves climbing up the mountain peaks and dangerous slopes. The average success ratio for Mount Everest climbing is one is to six. That means for every six successful climbing, there will be one death. There are several problems that trekkers face while scaling the heights. Hypothermia, pneumonia and frostbite are very common. As rescue help is very remote, even a small injury may prove to be fatal. Avalanches and snow storms are very common and getting lost is another problem the mountaineers face frequently.

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