The Major Stressors of Work (and How to Deal with Them)

How to deal with work stressHave you ever been so stressed about your work that you began physically trembling? It’s not fun. Work is one long chain of stress depending on your field; even if you are in a relaxing environment there are instances and occasions when you’ll feel the pressure. Stress is a major issue with the workplace that not only disrupts production and causes tension among coworkers but the personal tolls can sink in especially if you’re prone to high blood pressure and nervousness.


Most of the stress that is brought on during work are instigated by following:

  • Deadlines
  • Coworkers
  • Long hours
  • Interruptions
  • Bullying
  • Commute


Let’s start with a typical stressful day and find out ways to relieve some of that stress…


Most of us have a lengthy commute to work and this means that we’re susceptible to traffic, irrational drivers endangering us at every turn, infuriating and depressing news on the radio, and the fact that we’re spending so much time in our vehicle before and after we have to put in our hours.

Destressing: Change the way you approach the commute. Take some time to learn new routes that are less trafficked. Avoid negative media in place of upbeat or informational media that stimulates your brain or just whatever makes you happy. Try your best to be a defensive driver and take your time so you’re not crammed in the center lane while people zip all around you.



You can’t choose your coworkers but you can put them in their place because, after all, they’re not your superior. Coworkers may have free time and come over to chat but this is distracting and that leads to more cram time when you do get back to work. Likewise, you may have a coworker that has decided to bully you in some fashion (for whatever reason).

Destressing: Let it be known that you do not want to communicate with others when you are into your busy work. Place a sign or send an email explaining that when you are at your desk you wish to be left alone. If bullying is the issue don’t feel like you’re “ratting out” someone; bring it up to a superior so it can be sorted and that can be one less stressor off your back.


Physical Wear

Even a comfy office job can cause physical wear and tear on your body. The human body isn’t meant to sit long hour’s day after day; we’re meant to be up and moving. Those that are in a physically demanding job have it doubly hard. There needs to be a balance with physical exertion you’re putting in to have appropriate work output.

Destressing: Take a short break every hour (2-3 minutes) to stretch and walk around. Make a routine when you get home where you can relax in peace before the home duties start up. Even go as far as considering investing in products that will help your well-being like a massage chair (you can find them at for a respectable price). Your body needs to be treated well with good food, exercise, and awareness so you don’t feel physically exhausted and stressed out so you can perform to your fullest.


Long Hours & Deadlines

This one is hard to avoid because sometimes you are needed to meet deadlines and that may require you to put in the extra-long hours. We can do this on occasion but if it becomes the regular you really do need to make some adjustments to your workflow and figure out what’s causing this pileup.

Destressing: Don’t take on additional work from coworkers just to be a hero; they’ve been given a task and it’s their duty to complete it. You can do someone a favor every once in a while but don’t let them dump it on you because you’ve said yes enough times in the past. Also, when you’re facing deadlines be sure to break down the objective into smaller goals. Being able to track your process and reward yourself when you make these small wins will boost your motivation and good feelings.

What causes the major stressors for you at the workplace? How do you deal with them?

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