The Maestro of Age and He is Pablo Picasso

When referring to the master artists of age, the name of Pablo Picasso is definitely written in golden words. He is regarded as the most contemporary master artist. His paintings are universal, and you can easily relate to the art form. You would just glare at the big name of Picasso. It is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan NepomucenoMaría de los RemediosCipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Clito Ruiz y Picasso.  It was on 25th October 1881 this master artist came to be born. He is much celebrated for his contribution in the domain of fine arts.

 Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was Spanish. You can find a great Spanish influence in his art form. Pablo had the art in his blood. His father was a great artist of the time and he carried the genre successfully. Pablo was a successful part of the Academy of Arts in Madrid. He nurtured the talent well. He is known for his contemporary depictions like this one.


The Old Guitarist

You can well contemplate at his other forms of art.


Pablo Picasso is known for his artistic diagrams. His line work is much in vogue.


These are true creations. So you can really praise the simplicity of the art form. Much of Pablo’s painting has been influenced by the devastation of the art form.


This one is described Dora Maar au Chat. His talent as a painter can be witnessed from his early childhood. He improved initially under the influence of his father. After that, there has been no looking back. Pablo has been celebrated down the ages for his specific art form. He has been a master creator in the real sense. Pablo’s art has been divided into various ages. He is truly known for his genuine art form. So, this is the time, you must have a real glimpse at the various art illustrations by Pablo.


You have Pablo Picasso’s art of the Blue Period.

 La Vie

These are somber art works. Most of them occur in shades of green and blue. You can rarely trace the usage of other colors in the specific Pablo art form. It is unknown when the Blue Period had started. He has been extremely ascetic in the application of hues. He champions with the utilization of woeful subjects. He has focused much on the beggars and the prostitutes. He was touched by the passing away of his friend Carlos Casagemas. His mourning greatly reflects in his art collections.


There is much to talk about Pablo Picasso’s African Influenced Period. The period started in the year 1907, and it extended up to 1909. The period is highly celebrated with the creative promotion of Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. These are art forms much influenced by the African artifacts. The time ended winding into the Cubist Period which followed.


Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

Pablo Picasso is also known to have gained much with the success of the Rose Period. The age started in 1904, and it had a successful end in 1906. During the age, Picasso followed the orange and pink style. There is quality tinge in his work. The portrayal of harlequin has been much traced in his art form. Pablo rules with his set of specialties. His arts of the period reflect the influence of the French period. Picasso has been the great art demonstrator. His perfect mood is revealed through the paintings.

 Garçon à la pipe

Pablo has been extremely superstitious in life. You can admire at his sarcasm in the art form. He carries a strong affinity towards the feminist community. His articulation of the phrase “goddesses or doormats” proves, he does not have the psyche to celebrate the maiden concept.  He is known for his mythologized virility.


Picasso has broken all records in fame through his celebrated creations. Here, you have the list of his achievements he has gathered through the years.

  • Boy Leading a Horse
  • The Charnel House
  • Don Quixote
  • Dora Maar au Chat
  • Family of Saltimbanques
  • Femme aux Bras Croisés
  • JeuneFilleEndormie
  • La Lecture
  • Les Noces de Pierrette
  • Maya with Doll
  • Nude in a Black Armchair
  • The Old Guitarist
  • Portrait of Suzanne Bloch
  • Portrait of Angel Fernández de Soto
  • Reading the Letter
  • Tete de femme
  • Three Musicians
  • The Three Dancers
  • The Weeping Woman


The time from 1909 to 1912 is highly regarded as the period of Cubism. The paintings are made special with the application of the monochrome brown colors. He even created images by pasting wallpaper and newspaper fragments. His Rose Day started with his falling in love with Fernande Olivier. Soon the passion passed to MarcelleHumbert. In his Cubist paintings, his love declaration for Eva is highly visible.


His classism and surrealism is worth mentioning. He greatly championed the neoclassic style.


This is an art form where Picasso has tried to portray the devastations of the Second World War. Picasso never feared mortality. He tried best to live through his works. He died on 8th April 1973. He was 91 then. Picasso will never die. He would live through his unique painting illustrations.

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