The Latest News Report Associated With Mumbai Real Estate Platform

mumbai skylineThere are different reasons, which might create a stir in the recent projects, under the zone of real estate. The latest and new, of the lot can be the Lok Sabha Election, knocking at the door. This election procedure has created an impact on the purchase decisions, and this was the result after a survey on more than 400 investors, in the real estate segment. According to the recent research values, it has been well stated that nearly 66% of the respondents can either invest in the property zone more than a year back or some might not even invested a single penny. There is another group of 18%, which has invested a year back. Therefore, the comparison meter clearly states that 50% of the respondents are planning to invest in the property area within the time period of 6 months and 70% are going to do the same over the coming year.


The vision of Government

It has been found out that the government has tried to focus towards the infrastructure along with the initiatives, which are taken in the real estate values in Mumbai. This is surely going to affect directly the sector rate and the investor activity is also going to bounce back for a predictable environment. Moreover, the prices are also going to hike up, which is the belief of the Real estate secretary. There are different factors, which are going to vary on the price values of the real estate zone. Apart from the instruments related with saving, there are some other areas of home loan rates, which can also play as a vital platform for determining the property transaction value in the economic value.


The latest calculations to be taken into

According to the latest statistical record, the market is going to reveal the sluggish movement in the zone of the previous month in the present year. This comparison was made with the previous year. Even after the hike, which can be seen in the real estate value, there are some set of challenges along with economic uncertainties, which can be easily observed. When the main area of concern is related with the first quarter of the year 2014, it can be well stated that the number of 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Mumbai, which has already dropped by 3, 2 and 5 per cent zone.


Growth of metro lines and other communications

Apart from the growth of metros and also their suburbs regions, the responses will grow to about 75%. Moreover, you might have to face some civic issues, related with apartment societies and some of those are not providing building completion certificate, the occupation building certificate not handled to the builder and there are more such issues, to focus at.

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