Surprising mistakes that may damage your skin!

In spite of taking good care of your skin, does your skin feel dry, irritated and dull? Are you ready to visit your dermatologist? Hold on! There are some surprising skin care mistakes that you might be doing every day. Beyond regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine, there are so many things that are involved in your skin care. Just go through the following list to know about the shocking skin care mistakes that you might be doing.


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Do you like to indulge in a long, hot shower after a hectic day at work? Of course, yes! I mean, who doesn’t want to?  But, I’m Sorry!! This practice is an enemy for your skin!! Prolonged hot shower will actually damage your skin’s essential fats such as, cholesterol, lipids and ceramides. In fact, hot water breaks the skin’s barrier that has essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential for maintaining right moisture levels around your skin barrier. The result is the “dryness and dehydration of the skin”. Hence, take bathe with lukewarm water, if possible, with cold water. If you are tempted to take a relaxed shower, do not pamper yourself for more than 15 minutes.



Almost all soaps and body washes include a powerful ingredient called “sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate”. This strong chemical is the one that is present in dish-washing liquids and detergent soaps. Such harmful chemicals can penetrate the human skin cells. They damage the skin’s barrier. This leads to irritation, dryness and inflammation. In addition to this, most of the regular shampoos also have this irritating component. Check whether you soap or shampoo has this particular ingredient. If you find this ingredient, then switch to mild, non-foaming cleansers for your face, body and hair. Further calming alternatives are organic, oil-based and un-scented body washes.



Rubbing your skin aggressively after taking a shower may cause abrasion and irritation. Always pat your skin with a soft towel. Apply a good moisturizer immediately on your damp (not dry) skin. This facilitates deep absorption of the moisturizer into the skin and thus leaves your skin soft and supple.


Strong Makeup

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Mild face masks and peels are really good for cleansing and exfoliating your skin. They can also help to maintain your skin pores clean. However, some powerful masks and peels like glycolic acid peel or even a chemical spa treatment destructs your skin’s barrier and causes inflammation. If you wish to pamper yourself with a good facial massage at your favorite spa, pick something that is calming and soothing for your face. For instance, oxygen facial can be very soothing and calming for your face. It can actually bring a healthy glow on your face. Nowadays, there are so many at-home facials that are available in the market. Nevertheless, make sure that to choose a mild one.



We all know that powerful UV rays from the sun will aggravate too many skin problems. Therefore, it is very important to apply a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or more. Check whether your sunscreen has both UVA and UVB protection. Another mistake that people often make is skipping their sunscreen lotion during winter season. Remember, sunscreen is not only for summer. It is very important  to use a sunscreen that has at least SPF of 15 during winter. Skipping your sunscreen lotion totally may damage your skin. This is because the sun’s rays will be severe at higher altitudes and during winter season also.



Apart from all the above factors, your health condition and the medicines you take may have a greater impact on your skin. For instance, diabetic patients may experience severe dry skin. Check your medicines with your doctor to find an alternative.

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