Stop buying avocados, you can grow then in a small pot at home! Here’s how!

It popularity is consistently on the rise because of its suppleness in the kitchen. It can be put in all kinds of meals in order to enrich their color and flavor and it can become a healthy alternative in any parts of the meal.

This sweet and delicious fruit is loaded with vitamins namely C, K, E as well as potassium and fiber. Additionally, it is expected to be included in a similar oily acid that is renowned to be a heath healthy grant in olive oil.

Avocado is one of the vital of new health diets due to its countless health benefits that it offers. It is usually appreciated and acknowledged by the whole health conscious society.

Here is the good news: you do not have to buy these fruits anymore because you can freely grow them at home in just a simple and easy way.

This is all you have to do:

In order to cultivate the avocado seed, you have to stick four toothpicks in an avocado seed and they should be positioned at an equal distance, about halfway down from the top.

Place the seed in a cup of water to make its dimpled end doused in an inch of water. Leave it for at least two to six weeks in a warm place from direct sunlight.

As soon as both of the stem and roots sprout and it grows about six inches long, cut it back to three inches. Leaves the leaves in order to develop and the roots to stiffen.

When it comes to planting, you have to fill a ten inches diameter pot with a soil that is rich in nutrients and place the seen in a small hole at its center.

The roots should rest on the ground and half of it should be seen. Utilize a terracotta pot with a hole in the bottom for better drainage.

You have to water the roots abundantly on a daily basis. Of the leaves turned to a droopy or yellow, leave the seed to dry out and then water it with just small amount. If the leaves become dry and turn to a color of brown, you probably do not use enough amount of water. All you have to do is to place the pot in the sink and let the water run through it and thoroughly drain it afterwards.

You should give proper and enough care for the avocado tree and after some time, you will notice the first fruits forming. You can now enjoy your own avocados and you can now include them on your daily diet

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