Stay single until you meet someone who actually cares about you! Must read!

You have to put in your mind that it is just fine to be single and living life as an independent individual from anyone else. You don’t have to be involved in a relationship just to be happy, and you know this because you have derived happiness from a lot of other aspects of life. You know that you would much rather live as a happy single individual than force yourself to enter a toxic, abusive, and absolute horrifying relationship with somebody who doesn’t really deserve someone like you. There is a lot of joy to be had in just chasing your dreams without having any responsibility for another person.

Many people will choose to force themselves into awkward dating situations just to be out of desperation and they will see themselves feeling even worse than being single from the very start. They are trying to force themselves to be in a relationship because they are too desperate to escape the fact that they are single not knowing the forcing things isn’t going to make them feel not alone. You are so much better than these kinds of people. You have to know how important your time really is and you don’t have to take it for granted. You are grabbing this opportunity to use all this time that you have for yourself in order to make yourself a better person that is worth dating for. There are numerous things that you want to do with your life and today are the better time to get started. It doesn’t really matter whether you are in a relationship or not. What matter is that you have goals, plans and dreams and you are going to chase them regardless if you are single or not.

Numerous people are just too horrified of being single and alone, so they opt to stick things out in a relationship that only makes their life more miserable. They are led to believe that being unhappy in a relationship is a whole lot better than being single and all alone. But at the end of the day, you will always ask yourself, isn’t happiness the ultimate goal? If a relationship doesn’t make you happy as much as a single life could, why will you still choose to be involved in a relationship? Why would you want to be unhappy with another person when you can actually be effortlessly happy on your own life? It’s just that there is an excessive pressure on people to get into a relationship these days. Every place that we turn our eyes to, even the commercial establishments, as well as media, have romanticized love and it affects a lot of people. We are all led to think that the only and final way that we can actually move on in life is to search for sincere happiness in getting into a relationship. That is just a bunch of lies and you have to know that.

You have to choose to remain single until you have met the one person who will meet all of your standards in both of love and romance. You don’t really have to settle for that type of “love” that will make you feel like you are just merely getting by. You have to stay single until you find that kind of love who is willing to light a fire under you, the love that mill make you catch your breath frequently, the lobe the will inspire you to push harder than you have done before.

You have to stay single until you met that special person whose face has the ability to light up your day, that person who is willing to waste all the time that he has in this world for you, because for that person, time spent with you is never going to be wasted. You have to stay single until you met that guy who will make you forget about the whole world and who will make you feel vulnerable about your feelings and emotions. You have to meet that one and only person who can actually make you afraid to the point where you can’t actually understand your feelings anymore.

You have to stay single until you met that person who can make you feel the love that you always wanted to feel, that kind of person who is willing to give you happiness that you never thought you could ever have.

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