Some Natural Lip Care Tips for Women

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We have often seen those young little girls adorning their lips with their mother’s lipstick… This practice starts from the beginning of the childhood & continues forever.  In fact during ancient times, women used beetroot or chewed beetle leaves to color their lips.  Women, in general, pay a lot of attention to their lips & now they choose different shades of lipstick to make it more attractive! But in this process they tend to neglect on the lips’ natural color, its texture & its real care. There are also many other reasons why women’s lips get dull and wrinkled. Let us find out why lips lose out its texture, and how we can restore back those soft smooth attractive lips!!


Why lips lose out its texture:
  • The age factor: As we age, we tend to lose out on the skin including lips. The lips appear less plump & show up wrinkled lines.
  • Harmful UV rays of Sun: The over exposure to the harmful UV rays leads to hyper pigmentation (over production of melanin) on the lips.
  • Constant Licking:  Constant licking wears off the lips’ natural moisture and makes them dry & discolored. Regular use of lipsticks can also make lips dull and dark.
  • Caffeine drinks: The caffeine drinks (Coffee and tea) has diuretic substance which elevates the urination in the body thus causing dehydration & leaving lips extremely dry.
  • Smoking: Regular smoking makes the lips black as the tobacco residue in cigarettes stains up the lip color.


Some natural lip care tips:
  • A good lip balm or sunscreen based lipsticks (SPF 20 or more) can protect the lips from UV rays of the sun.
  • At night, apply some ghee, mustard oil or castor oil in the belly button to get rid off chapped dried lips. The heat in the body gets reduced with oil application in the navel which in turn cures off the dry lips.
  • Application of lemon & honey also helps in restoring back the lips’ natural color. Honey has the properties that can restore the moisture of the lips & also cures chapped lips. Lemon on the other hand exfoliates the dead skin on the lips & brings back the natural color.
  • To restore back the lip color damaged due to smoking: Use baking soda and soft brush to scrub off the dead skin on the lips. Avoid scrubbing if the lips are extremely dry and cracked. You can also put some Vaseline/petroleum jelly on the lips.  Applying fresh cream/butter to the lips also helps.
  • Drinking water at regular intervals keeps the lips and the body well hydrated.
  • A good diet enriched with vitamin E & A proves very beneficial to the skin & the lips. Consumption of fruit juices also contributes to the well-being of the lips and its texture.
  • Mix granulated sugar & Vaseline and apply it on the lips and gently brush off the dead skin. Later apply lip balm or Vaseline on the exfoliated lips.
  • Apply equal part of lemon, honey & yogurt on the lips & wait for thirty minutes to brush off for softer lips. Besides honey & lemon, Yogurt has antibacterial properties that remove any kind of infections around the lips.
  • Juice of beetroot, pomegranate or coriander has bleaching properties which helps to fade down the dark lips.
  • A gentle massage of almond oil and castor oil for a pinkish lips.
  • Run on the ice cubes over the lips to keep it moisturized & nourished.
  • Massage clove oil or olive oil to get rid of dark and patchy lips.
  • Prepare a lip balm of almond oil & lemon juice & massage it every night for a lighter softer lips.

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