Skin Care Tips to Reverse Clock After 30s

Skin Care Tips after 30s

Skin Care Tips to Reverse Clock After 30s (Image credit:roboriginal / 123RF)

With age, skin starts losing its sheen and smooth texture, bringing about obvious changes. The skin becomes dull and dry acquiring an uneven tone, due to decreased collagen production. Yet, by adopting a few anti ageing ideas, whatever be the age, flawless radiant skin is within easy reach. Here are a few valuable tips…



A change of priorities, after 30 years of age, makes most women, neglect their skin.  The most important part of a skin care regimen is cleansing.  It is essential to cleanse skin every morning using a product containing pH formula, to sustain and balance the sensitive skin moisture.




Another important aspect for maintaining skin quality after 30 is regular exfoliation. This is because the dead cells generally drop down due to extensive working of skin enzymes.  However, it is extremely important to hydrate skin for effective working of these enzymes, as there is a tendency for the skin to become dull and dry after a certain age, due to inadequate hydration.  Hence, gentle exfoliation of skin at night just before going to bed helps boost skin function eliminating dead cells and rejuvenating the skin.



It is essential to protect skin from pollutions. Therefore, using an anti ageing cream or serum containing active ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinol,  Vitamins E, C, A, and K proves beneficial.  These mainly stimulate elastin and collagen production, besides hydrating from within. This results in diminishing dark spots, patches, under eye dark circles, swelling and erases fine lines and wrinkles.  Apart from all these benefits, these creams increase skin plasticity; repairs skin cells, improves skin texture and helps balance skin moisture.


Eye creams

After 30, skin around the eyes needs extra care, as it displays rapid signs of ageing compared to other areas of the face.  To help fight this problem, using regular facial creams and serums prove unsuitable.  Employ use of specially designed eye creams with extra care and caution and limit sun exposure that causes skin damage.



Unguarded focus to sun’s rays is one the main factors for skin wrinkling and lacklustre quality.  Therefore, while venturing out in the sun, safeguard skin by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen containing sun protection factor (SPF 30) offering protection from harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun.  However, ensuring protection not only during sunny days but also on days with overcast sky helps reverse skin ageing.



How to keep skin hydrated

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A moisturiser helps retain skin moisture. Therefore, to achieve excellent results moisturise regularly using a product consisting of glycerine, urea and humectants to combat skin dryness and dark patches.  For older skin, using a moisturiser (oil based) consisting of lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and petrolatum keeps the skin hydrated.



Fruits and Vegetables

Skin care after 30 calls for a balanced diet.  Including copious amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, eggs, imparts younger-looking radiant skin, sans signs of ageing.  In addition to these vitamin E and C supplements and foods rich in vitamin A helps repair skin cells, stimulate growth thus replenishing skin.



With ageing skin is prone to hydration leading to skin dryness. Therefore, drink plenty of water for skin nourishment from within. For an added zest, include lemon juice, which helps replenish moisture keeping the skin glowing fresh.



Regular salon visits for a refreshing facial also helps maintain skin.


Homemade Masks

Pamper your skin often at home with regular moisturising/clarifying facial masks, to eliminate signs of skin dullness.  However, use extreme caution while removing them.  Do not stretch or pull skin too far as it leads to skin sagging.

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