Simple Home Remedies to Knock Out Common Cold

Home Remedies for Common ColdNothing on earth can be more irritating and frustrating than a mere cold! An upper respiratory tract infection caused by several viruses, most people find it a daunting task to get rid of this stubborn virus. Although the infection cannot be prevented, the symptoms surely can be treated using simple home remedies. Therefore, here are a few suggestive tips to help you go through the healing process effortlessly.



Fluids act as effective decongestants helping to clear the sinuses by diluting the mucus offering the much sought after relief from a stuffy nose. It is, nevertheless imperative to alleviate mucus, as they tend to strip the body of moisture, along with a risk of dehydration. They also have the ability to turn the nasal membranes dry, thus making it a comfortable breeding ground for susceptible bacteria and virus. Therefore to avoid this, it is extremely important to take plenty of fluids in the form of herbal teas, energy drinks, steaming hot chicken soup or most important of all Mother Nature’s elixir of life- water. Nonetheless, it would be wise to keep away from caffeine and caffeinated drinks to protect the body from dehydration.



Inhalation provides a similar effect to drinking hot steamy fluids. Inhaling steaming hot water with a towel or thick cloth draped over your head works well for a runny irritated nose providing relief from blocked sinuses offsetting the phlegm.



Grandma’s timeless remedy of gargling still holds good, even today. For this, take a glass of hot water with a pinch of salt and gargle twice or thrice a day regularly for almost a week. This takes the pressure off from the sinuses and helps improve your condition.


Nasal Spray

The lymphokines or cytokines are molecules, which the body produces to resist the viral infection. Therefore, clearing up these molecules, give respite from inflammation and swelling that normally accompanies infection. Squirting a few drops of nasal spray into each nostril does the trick. For this, make a simple do it yourself spray consisting of eight ounces of water with quarter teaspoon of salt to clear the nasal airways. Repeat this procedure thrice or even four times a day for almost a week to get back in form.



Dabbing some mentholated ointment or balm just beneath the nose can clear irritation and provide relief. As an alternative, you can also opt for eucalyptus oil or camphor offering similar effect.


Natural Cures for Cold

When it comes to natural healing, nothing proves as effective as Mother Nature’s bounty. Given below are some natural cures for cold, which you can try to treat your infection.


1. Garlic

Rich in antiseptic, antiviral and antioxidant properties, garlic strengthens the immune system and prevents bacterial infections. Consuming a concoction containing three to four cloves of chopped garlic, boiled with water, taken with a dash of honey, twice a day really helps the recovering process. [Read: Health Benefits of Garlic Milk]


2. Ginger

Like garlic, ginger too helps enhance immune health, preventing recurrences of cold, cough and other respiratory disease. The anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties in ginger unblock the sinuses by secreting the mucus and destroying the virus-causing- bacteria. Hence, enjoying a nice hot cup of tea added with ginger and a final dash of lemon and honey really proves beneficial. Apart from this, taking half a teaspoon of a paste prepared with cloves, salt and ginger too works.


3. Honey

Honey and cinnamon make a great combo when it comes to treating a cold. Possessing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this medicinal combo improves body’s resistance against symptoms of cold and winter chills. They also alleviate internal congestion and prove effective for any problems associated with the respiratory tract.


4. Diet

Do not starve a cold. Therefore, take a well-balanced meal enriched with vitamin C and zinc to ward off infection.


Get well soon and stay healthy!

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