Self-Care Tips You Should Try this Winter

We’re in the heart of winter, and some of us are still no doubt coming down from the high of the holiday season—and looking forward to spring when the world will finally start to thaw. In the meantime, what are you doing with your winter season? Even if cold temperatures are keeping you indoors, there’s plenty of room for a little self-care and self-improvement! Incorporate some of these self-care tips into your routine and feel better both physically and mentally.

Try Your Hand at Some New Recipes

It’s easy to rely on restaurants and takeout, but you sacrifice nutrition and taste for convenience. Set a goal to try one new recipe this week; you’ll improve your culinary skills, and if you opt for healthier cuisine, will give your New Year’s weight loss resolution an added boost. Cooking at home instead of purchasing pre-made food will also help you pad your wallet—it’s a win, win, win, no matter how you look at it! If you need some inspiration, try a recipe box from HelloFresh. They have a variety of options that cater to different dietary needs, including pescatarian, vegetarian, and omnivore diets.

Take a Supplement
One of the simplest—and most cost-effective—ways to practice self-care is by taking a daily supplement. You can find supplements that can help you tackle different health issues. If you’re struggling to get enough sleep at night, try Olly restful sleep gummies; their expert blend of melatonin, L-theanine and botanicals makes snoozing easier than ever. Sometimes our diets just don’t offer the amount of nutrition we need—this is especially true for those struggling with digestive issues. If this is the case for you, invest in a digestive supplement like Zacol, an NMX patented delivery system that directs inulin and butyric acid right to the colon.

Pick a “Pamper Yourself Night”
How often do you take the time to pamper yourself? If the only time you give yourself some TLC is your monthly trip to the nail salon, it’s time to take your pampering up a notch. Pick a “pamper yourself night”; one night a week that you take the time to do all the pampering essentials you love. That might mean drawing a bath with Epsom salts to calm any aching muscles, or putting on a face mask that reinvigorates your skin. Committing to a night of pampering means giving yourself the attention you deserve, and slowing down to pay attention to your own needs.

Commit to Drinking More Water
Don’t let dehydration wreak havoc on your life. It’s easy to let our hydration habits go to the wayside during the colder months—an icy glass of cold water isn’t always tempting when it’s below zero outside. However, staying hydrated and keeping your water intake steady throughout the winter season can pay dividends in terms of outer and inner health. Research shows that nearly 75% of Americans are functioning in a chronically dehydrated state. Side effects of dehydration can include:

⦁ Poor digestion
⦁ Impaired sleep
⦁ Impaired muscle function
⦁ Increase in stress and anxiety

Make it easy to hydrate by investing in a high-quality, refillable water bottle that you can take on the go.
Take a Break from Social Media

Social media has infiltrated our daily lives, as evidenced by the sight of friends and family members buried in their phones. While social media can help us keep in touch with old friends and acquaintances, there’s a dark side to your favorite channels. Social media leads you to focus on the lives of others, more than your own—and the pictures you see aren’t always indicative of reality. Social media leads to comparison, which can be tough on the psyche, and social media use can also force you to place too much dependence on the thoughts of others: case in point, wondering why your most recent photo didn’t get over 50 likes.

Overhaul Your Workout Regimen
New year, new you, right? Put that phrase into action by breathing new life into your workout regimen. If you want to kick your daily exercise routine up a notch, consider trying a new class. ClassPass makes it easy to try out a variety of workout routines, courses, and activities. From barre class to spin studios, Barry’s Bootcamp to CrossFit, there’s plenty of ways to get your sweat on—and keep your workout routine fresh.
If you want to improve your health, boost your self-confidence, and enhance your already beautiful appearance this year, consider trying one of these self-care tips. You’ll be glad you did.

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