Russian doctor claims your immune system can recover by doing this. Must Know!

Us humans have two different types of immune system. One is the innate immune system and the other is the acquired immune system. The innate immunity that we have is the ones that we possess during our birth. We have these natural soldiers in our body that help us fight foreign invaders that try destroy our healthy process inside the body. The other type of immune system is the acquired where it is “acquired” by the body when we are exposed to certain foreign invaders and survive them. Our body then “remembers” that this specific invader has once tried to destroy our body and will try to kill it once it encounters it again. That is the case for the vaccines that our children have.

Our immune system is composed of a variety of cells and messengers that help each other to locate and destroy these foreign bodies. They send signals to each other when they sense something wrong or something in particular that is out of the ordinary. While doing these processes, they also trigger a few reactions that we can obviously feel. When our soldiers begin to attack the invaders, inflammation, allergic reactions or increased heart rate, this makes the destroying more efficient.

However, our immune system cannot progress steadily on its own, and so this Russian doctors has found a way to strengthen the immune system by means of natural remedies! What you need? A very cold bath! This is called the Ice Injury or injury icing method. It has surprisingly filled with benefits such as reliving pain, stimulating the activity of the immune system, helps aid in inflammation, improves circulation, provides relaxation, soothes pain and many more! Just fill a tub that can cater your feet with water and as much ice as you possibly can. Deploy in your feet for a few second and repeat every morning and night. Your immune system will be “activated” by the coldness and will surely work overtime!

Benefits of Ice Injury

  • Fights Depression
  • Relieves Muscle Soreness
  • Improves Skin Health
  • Increases Circulation
  • Soothes Burns
  • Deepens Breathing
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