Rub your feet with this natural mixture and you will be amazed what happens in just 10 days

Rub your feet with this natural mixture and you will be amazed what happens in just 10 days

Cracked heels and dry, rough skin on the feet are a very common problem we all face from time to time. This happens due to a number of reasons like uncomfortable shoes, improper care, unhealthy diet and lack of moisture are on the top of the list. Everyone who’s had cracked and rough heels knows that it can be quite an annoying and unappealing problem but luckily for you it doesn’t have to be anymore.

We’ve got the perfect natural remedy which will improve your condition and give you smooth and silky feet. You only need two ingredients to prepare it and resolve your problem. In addition to fixing the dry and cracked heels it will also help will varicose veins and corns. It’s very effective and simple to make.

This remedy has been found to help in the treatment of varicose veins too.

You will need:

– 250ml of 70% alcohol
– 10 aspirin pills

1. Take a plastic container and pour the medicinal alcohol into it.

2. Now, you need to take the aspirin pills and crush them into powder. Add the powder to the alchohol and mix everything well.

3. Cover the container with a lid and leave it to sit for 24 hours.


Apply some of the mixture to your clean feet and rub in gently. Then, wrap each foot with some cotton cloth and cover with plastic. If you want to secure the coating, you need to put socks on. Do this every night.

Remove the coating the next morning and rinse the feet with lukewarm water. finally, put some moisturizing cream and you are done.

In order to obtain best results, continue doing this treatment for around 10 days. In the end, you are going to effectively get rid of corns and cracked heels, and you will also successfully cure varicose veins.